SMS Marketing Helps You Reach Customers

Reach 1000 customers at once with just one click

Sending SMS in bulk enables you to send a large number of SMS quickly and easily. In recent years, the bulk mailing for marketing campaigns has increased significantly. Whether for product offers, promotions or event invitations, this effective method helps you to reach a large number of your customers at once without great effort.

5 good reasons to use bulk mailing

1. 95% open rate
Marketing with bulk SMS is not only cost effective but also successful. With an opening rate of over 95%, your SMS messages are read securely and do not end up in the spam folder, as is the case with e-mail. This will make better use of your budget as you can be sure that customers have read your message.
2. Time
The correct time also plays an important role in bulk mailing. Avoid times like your customers' work hours and bedtime. When sending bulk mail, you can select the time you want (also in the future) and send your messages with a delay.
3. Content
It is important that your SMS campaigns are targeted so as not to irritate your customers. It's about creating the right message for the product. Many customers prefer humorous and informative text messages.
4. Personalize
Personalize your SMS to write to customers directly. Using the option of dynamic fields in our web interface “Echo” in the “Bulk mailing” area, you can individualize each SMS and send contact A an SMS with his name as the salutation and contact B with a different name.
5. groups
This feature allows contacts and groups to be selected so that messages can be sent to a large number of people at the same time. You can store your customer base or parts of it online in your individual contact and group folders so that you can work on each campaign in a target group-oriented manner.

Your Black Friday campaign with 

If you, too, prefer a marketing method that is simple yet effective, contact us. The bulk sending of SMS is particularly suitable for advertising campaigns on international days, such as Black Friday this year. With Esendex, sending bulk SMS is done quickly, easily and qualitatively. Create your free test account here. We will of course be happy to advise you by phone or email. Call us at: +49 (0) 211 - 417403640 or send our team an email to: [email protected]