Customer Success Manager is a good profile

5 differences between an account manager and a customer success manager

How Trustpilot uses Customer Success Managers to get the most out of its customers

Our CSMs provide hands-on support throughout the year to lead our customers to success. That is why you will be provided with a personal Customer Success Manager immediately after signing your contract with Trustpilot. Your CSM then offers these advantages:

Your CSM provides extensive specialist knowledge

In an industry that is constantly changing, your CSM will keep you informed of any changes

Has the layout on Google AdWords changed? Your CSM will make you aware of this and advise you on what it means for you. There's a new Hootsuite integration? Your CSM will introduce you to the new options in an email. Do you have any feedback for us? Your CSM will be happy to pass your wishes on to our product managers and, based on your input, recommend innovations and updates for our solutions. Our products are constantly evolving - just like your company. We take all of this into account as we work towards your success.

Your CSM will give you competent advice

Your CSM is your advisor who accompanies you from day one, gives you tips for the best possible use of Trustpilot and works to remove any hurdles. The CSM works closely with your company and its colleagues to develop solutions that are optimally tailored to your individual needs.

For example, if you're working on a new marketing campaign with user-generated content, your CSM can help. If you have concerns about publicly responding to negative reviews, seek advice from your CSM. Once you have successfully collected reviews and reached the first milestone, your CSM will proactively provide you with useful information on how to spread your success on your digital channels.

What is the greatest benefit of working with Trustpilot and its experienced CSMs? We all have the same goal: Just like you, we want to generate the maximum ROI for your company.

Your CSM provides you with proactive, personal support

Your journey with Trustpilot will be accompanied by a dedicated, success-oriented team. In addition to your CSM, you will also be supported by a specialized integration manager who will help you set up your account, as well as a colleague from our support team who will help you overcome technical challenges.

This team of three works for you to make sure you are successful with Trustpilot and seeing results month after month.

An account manager may be able to help you make up a few euros the next time you renew your contract. But your CSM will help you optimize your results throughout your entire collaboration with Trustpilot. We know that our customers are most successful when we continuously support them on their journey with Trustpilot - from setting up the right solution for the automatic collection of customer feedback to presenting reviews on their company website and using user-generated content on various marketing channels. We support you every step of the way.