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Notch in cake fork: That's why the cutlery is missing a corner

What is the notch in the cake fork good for? We did some research and we can tell you what the missing corner is all about.

That's why the cake fork is missing a corner

Usually forks have four prongs; however, the cake fork only has three. If you take a closer look at the prongs, you will notice that the left prong of the cake fork is wider and also has a notch. But why is it like that?

  • Cakes were still eaten with a knife and fork until around 1930.
  • In the past, forks were made from soft metals such as silver, brass or copper. As a result, the fork bent quickly.
  • In order to achieve more stability, one tine was removed and another was reinforced.
  • The notch was then used to cut pieces of cake and replace the knife.
  • Nowadays, forks are made of stainless steel and so your cake fork doesn't bend as easily.
  • Even so, you will still see a notch on many forks, even though it is no longer necessary today.
  • If you are left-handed, there are even special forks with a wider right prong.

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