What does back mean in Singlisch

German-English translation for "zurück"

"zurück" English translation

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Even mice retreat into their burrows.
After shellfish, the slump is now affecting crustacean sales.
After mussels, shellfish sales are also falling.
He slid back into his former position.
It slipped back into its previous position.
They moved back slightly, but not as far as where they had been sitting before.
They backed away a little, but not to their previous seats.
Firstly, the Irish authorities withdrew their earlier commitment to carry out improvements.
Initially, the Irish authorities withdrew their promise of improvement.
It has been over a week since Kenya s elections were held and Kenya is still burning.
The elections were over a week ago and Kenya is still on fire.
BRUSSELS - Is the eurozone stepping back from the brink?
BRUSSELS Is the Eurozone returning from the edge of the abyss?
Let's turn back the clock a dozen years.
Let's turn the clock back a dozen years.
Let us say that Musharraf resigns and leaves.
Let's say Musharraf steps back and disappears.
We keep reminding them about Article 6 of the Treaty.
We keep coming back to Article 6 of the Treaty.
And then, still turning, but more slowly, he guided her back to her seat.
Then he brought her back to her place again, but dancing very slowly.
This sounded promising, certainly: Alice turned and came back again.
That sounded very inviting; Alice turned back and came back to her.
But there is also funding which is being pumped via Brussels back to the same rich Member States.
However, funds also flow back to these rich member states via Brussels.
So, it's back to work for all of us here.
For all of us here, it's back to work.
Only when the annual rains begin in the summer does water reappear in the river bed.
Only when the annual rains set in in summer does water return to the river.
I'll be back soon.

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