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Amazon: Fraud with fake offers in the marketplace

The Amazon Marketplace is popular: Third-party providers sell all kinds of products here. And again and again, bargains of a special kind lurk for bargain hunters. Fridges for 150 instead of 600 euros, a popular cell phone with 80 percent discount, the smartwatch for 30 instead of 130 euros. And first of all, everything looks normal: Once the items have been paid for via Amazon, they are marked as "shipped" by the retailer. But the ordered products never arrive. COMPUTER BILD uncovered the scam and carried out numerous test orders for alleged bargains.

Amazon: Fraudsters on the Rise

Too cheap to be true? Indeed! If you click on the link and take advantage of the dirt cheap offers, you will probably never receive your goods. Particularly spicy: There are also numerous honest shops selling on the Amazon Marketplace, which have fallen into disrepute because of fraudsters.

What scammers are trying to do with fake or hacked Amazon merchant accounts is a sophisticated crime. They offer a wide range of goods well below the market price, but never send the items. After the customer has paid via Amazon, i.e. by direct debit or credit card, the money is quickly in a foreign account and thus over the mountains. Amazon's marketplace sorting plays into the hands of the fraudsters: The best prices are listed at the top and crowd out other commercial and private sellers. In contrast to the Amazon scam, in which fraudsters force customers to transfer the payment to an account outside Amazon, the rip-offs use payment via Amazon in this case.

These Amazon bargains are not

Amazon fraud: what you need to know as a customer

The scam is difficult to see through for buyers. Especially since the fraudsters often use third-party accounts that have already had some positive reviews, but usually several years ago. In some cases, these are hacked accounts of active traders who appear serious due to dozens of five-star ratings. Relatively sobering is the email from Amazon customer support, which usually arrives a few minutes to days after the order and tacitly informs the customer of the cancellation: Because of an "account correction" the company transfers the purchase amount back to the bank account or credit card. There are no further explanations.

Shopping on Amazon: How to Protect Yourself

Marketplace scam: customers get their money back

Even if Amazon has already transferred the money to a foreign account, the defrauded customer gets his money back. On a website about its “A-to-z-Guarantee”, the mail-order company promises (as of September 26, 2019): “You can request a reimbursement via the A-to-z guarantee if it is for orders placed by Marketplace -Sellers are sold and shipped, problems have arisen. ”When asked by COMPUTER BILD, Amazon said in more detail:“ We want customers to shop with confidence at Amazon.de at all times. Therefore, we protect every customer when buying on Amazon.de with the A-Z guarantee, provided that the payment is made via Amazon.de. If a product does not arrive or if it deviates from the advertised condition, customers can contact Amazon customer service and request a refund of the full purchase price. Amazon does not condone fraudulent activity in any way. We only forward payments to sales partners when we are certain that customers have received the products or services they have ordered. Should sales partners violate the conditions of participation they have accepted, we will immediately take measures to protect customers. There have always been people with fraudulent intentions in the world; and as they keep getting smarter, so must we. We are therefore constantly developing new measures for customers and sales partners to protect their information so that they can shop and sell on Amazon.de with confidence. "

What to look for when shopping online

This is how COMPUTER BILD tested the Amazon fraud

Particularly noticeable: The same shipping time is specified for all fake dealers.

In the detailed test of 2017, COMPUTER BILD placed over ten orders with fake dealers on the Amazon Marketplace over several weeks. In all cases, Amazon realized the bad intentions and returned the money with no action required.

Test order 2019: A fight against windmills

Too good to be true: You are guaranteed not to get a cheap RTX 2080 from these retailers!

At the end of 2019, the editorial team repeated the test on a small scale: Various 'dealers' offered the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 OC 8G graphics card under a slightly different name for less than half the price. COMPUTER BILD bought a copy via the Amazon shopping cart in early September 2019 to see what would happen. Two days after the order was placed, Amazon withdrew the retailer "Dao Holistic" from circulation and the order was automatically canceled. The other scam offers also disappeared after a few days.

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