Who shot Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald's killer is called Jack Leon Ruby. Jack Ruby shot Oswald on television just two days after Kennedy's murder. Ruby is said to have had contacts with the Mafia. Accordingly, he is said to have shot Oswald on their behalf.

Three decades later it became known that even this brief statement by Ms. Kennedy had been falsified by the commission of inquiry.

His motive, according to his own statement: He wanted to spare Kennedy's widow the appearance in court. For this reason, Ms. Kennedy testified only in private and very briefly.

Ruby silenced Oswald forever when he was transferred to another prison and not only "saved" Ms. Kennedy the appearance in court, but also Oswald a fair trial in an ordinary court. This would have given him all the legal means to defend himself. This possibility ended abruptly on November 24th, 1963 and led to the most diverse speculations that continue to this day.

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The killing of Oswald, in the midst of 70 police officers and over 30 reporters present, is often seen as evidence of a conspiracy. What happened? Allegedly Ruby managed to get into the underground car park of the police building just 2-3 minutes before Oswald. Some time sequences even assume only 30 seconds. None of those present testified that they saw Ruby entering the basement. In fact, to this day it remains unclear how Ruby got into the underground car park. The polygraph test carried out with him is also controversial among the experts. The 1979 committee of inquiry did not rule out the possibility of the perpetrator and victim becoming acquainted.

After the assassination, Oswald was taken to the same hospital where Kennedy and Connally had been treated two days earlier. Doctors expressed their opinion that the abdominal wound would not have resulted in death with today's medical technology. The sad truth: Oswald did not speak a single word before his death. There was no admission whatsoever.

And so it is one of the undisputed facts that the alleged murderer of the president had always denied any involvement in the crime. His killer Jack Ruby was sentenced to death in a court case for his act. Before the appeal process began in January 1967, Ruby died of cancer.

Who Was Jack Ruby?

Ruby's life, like Oswald's, is shrouded in mystery. He is said to have contacts with the underworld. His career began in Chicago with alleged relationships with Al Capone. He ran a nightclub in Dallas. There are indications that he killed Oswald on behalf of the Mafia or that the victim and the perpetrator had known each other personally for a longer period of time. The 1964 study contradicted all of this. It found no evidence of this.

But 15 years later a new committee of inquiry shed a little more light into the darkness. Their conclusion:

Neither Oswald nor Ruby turned out to be the "loners" as drawn from the 1964 investigation.

Ruby underwent a polygraph test in 1964, during which he denied anything to do with the Kennedy murder. This test was re-evaluated by experts of the 1979. Due to a large number of procedural errors, no clear result could be reached. But the question: "Did you support Oswald in the assassination attempt?" Was Ruby's greatest reaction. He suppressed his breathing, the blood pressure rose. Which led the committee to conclude: Ruby "may have been lying" when he answered "No."

Lee Harvey Oswald

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