What do you love about your character

What do you like about yourself? What are your positive qualities?

# 1by Ivonne
What do you like most about yourself? Not just your body or what you do best (good qualities about yourself) ?? Probably everyone sees bad qualities or the bad as the good. It made me very upset, as I read earlier that everyone only devalues ​​themselves to the point of going-no-longer !! It would be nice if I could read your positive sides too. A good side of me is, for example, my humor - I never lost it, no matter how dirty I was.
Greetings Ivonne

# 2by Deti
my positive qualities ... mmmh..so, what i appreciate about myself is my tolerance and when my friends need a shoulder to lean on, i'm always there. those are actually the only two positive qualities ...

Re: What do you like about yourself? What are your positive qualities

# 3by engaal
so what I like about myself. my face and my hair. I really like my eyes, that has always been the case. i like my hair too. natural hair color blonde (now I have brown in it, I also like it) and I have so many hairs, they always fall differently. I don't have to do anything for it. They just always look good somehow. So I just like them.
i like about me hm .. my laugh. sounds stupid. but that's how it is. I was always known for it in the past. I've heard very often "Lena always laughs .."
since my B * it is unfortunately not that often anymore. I also like how I affect others. HM Yes
Thu Jun 20, 2002 10:57 am
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# 4by Anny
I find a really great thread!

But I have to think about an answer ...

lg anny
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Thank you Angel,
for all you do and
are for me ......

# 5by Ebony
I think the contribution is also great, it is definitely more constructive .. Please Notice: This is an automatically translated article!
So I like about myself, my eyes, they have a really crazy color, brown, green, yellow, a little gray. i like them very much. And I like the shape of my hands, unfortunately my nail beds are always swollen because I nibble on them, but my hands are actually very narrow, I have quite long, thin fingers, but not yet bony or anything.
with my character that's a different story, I can't think of anything

Well ...
Best regards

# 6by dolphin2002
I like my teeth on me. They have a pretty nice shape and are also very white.

# 7by Kellerkind
I like about myself .. hmm .. my (sometimes at least) loving manner .. Some of my friends call me Bärli because I'm so warm and loving My friends think it's a total quirk when I get up on the bus every time because an older person gets on, or when I start talking to every small child, but somehow that belongs to me and that is also accepted! In addition, I am extremely stubborn when I feel something is unfair, and I don't let anyone take that away from me

# 8by onegirl
i like my independence and i am good at combining and arguing ...

the contribution really makes you think!
When it came to the negative things, I immediately thought of something and much more than here!


# 9by Pipfel
I like my acting talent. Even if I feel bad, I can cover it up well and nobody notices how bad I am then ...... !!!

But there are also others who are good at dealing with people, making contacts quickly, etc .....

I would never wish to have another character ..