Which is the best game under 2GB

The best Linux games for Steam, Ubuntu, Holarse, Gog, Shell

Hans-Christian Dirscherl

First person shooter, adventure, logic puzzle, simulation. From Steam, Holarse, Ubuntu and Gog - we introduce the best games for Linux. Many are free and don't have to fear comparison with Windows games. Plus: Cool command line games for the Linux shell.

EnlargeTorcs (The Open Racing Car Simulator) is a racing game for Linux.
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A classic prejudice: gaming under Linux is not possible. But Linux offers a lot more fun than just (Extreme) Tux Racer: A penguin speeding down the slope with pixelated graphics. We searched for the best games for Linux. And found what they were looking for. Our selection offers fun, excitement and graphics on a Windows level. Many of the games presented here can be downloaded for free, while others are available for a fee.

For desktop and command line

In order to be able to play the games presented, a desktop surface with a window manager is usually required. This is the case with all common Linux distributions for desktop use. But we also have some games ready that run in the Linux shell. Developers, webmasters and database and system administrators can have fun on their Linux servers from time to time ... No seriously: These games are ideal for very old hardware on which modern games simply do not run smoothly or not at all. These shell games are therefore an alternative to flash games, which are threatened with extinction - but without the security risk of flash games.

1. Free direct download: You can now download these two games directly

There are a number of games available on sourceforge that you can download and install right away. Here are just two examples:

Tip: racing game with realistic driving behavior

Torcs (The Open Racing Car Simulator) is a racing game in which the player competes against computer-controlled opponents. These artificial rivals have remarkable intelligence. The graphics are not complex, but very fast, so racing fans among Linux users should get their money's worth. In addition, there is a long game of fun: There are numerous routes to choose from and there is also a championship mode. A PPA provides packages for Ubuntu and Co. You can download Torcs here for free.

EnlargeSuperTuxKart is a funny kart racing game not only for Linux.

SuperTuxKart The free kart racing game SuperTuxKart was released in version 1.2 at the end of August 2020, you can find out about all the new features here. SuperTuxxKart is a kind of Mario Kart clone. The game offers many different race tracks and a ghost mode. You can use it to repeat races that have already been driven and recorded. You can find the free download of SuperTuxKart for Linux, Windows and MacOS here. There is also SuperTuxKart for Android users.

EnlargeWith Steam, Linux has finally become a game platform to be taken seriously.

2. Steam: The breakthrough for gaming on Linux

Valve's game distribution platform Steam helped Linux achieve its breakthrough as an operating system suitable for games. Steam was initially available for Windows, later clients for MacOS and finally Linux were added. You have been able to use Steam on Linux computers since February 2013.

EnlargeYou can also download Steam from the Ubuntu Software Center.

Install Steam on a Linux computer

The installation of the Steam client is a mandatory requirement for playing Steam games. This Steam client is available as a free download.

On Linux systems that have adopted the Debian package format - for example Ubuntu - the easiest way to install the Steam Client is to use the command line command sudo apt-get install steam.

Alternatively, you can also use the Ubuntu Software Center on Ubuntu. However, you must then first register for the software center of the Ubuntu manufacturer Canonical. Registration is free.