How did you improve your appearance

Everyone can be beautiful: How can you change your appearance quickly?

Change your look and hairstyle - play with your hair

A cliché for many: the new hairstyle after the end of the relationship. But what some smile at is still one of the most effective ways to change your own image.

If you always tie your hair strictly backwards, a loose bun can completely change your type. Part your part in a different place, pull out the straightening iron again, and try a twist on your style. It is precisely minimal changes that can make you look different. Especially if you are not ready for a new hair color or haircut.

But if that's exactly what you want to change, you should find a good hairdresser that you trust. You are welcome to be inspired by photos in magazines, but you should still clarify your wishes with your hairdresser. Also pay attention to his suggestions, because a good hairdresser knows exactly which hairstyle suits your hair structure and flatters the shape of your face.

Here, too, less is more. If you have long hair, it doesn't have to be a short haircut. be. A few steps or a pony can make a difference. After cutting, let your hairdresser explain exactly how to style the new hairstyle. This saves frustration with morning styling.

Likewise, a new hair color can highlight your positive sides. But you don't have to dare to make a radical change from blonde to black-haired. Just a few highlights can make your natural hair color and you shine.