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Not every young person succeeds in entering professional life straight away. In Germany around 550,000 young adults have initially missed it - they are unemployed or are in a transitional measure after finishing school. In order to support this group of people with their new start in their careers, the chemical industry carried out a fundraising campaign for the "Joblinge" initiative last Saturday on the occasion of its nationwide Open Day 2014. This non-profit organization supports young people between the ages of 15 and 24 with a six-month intensive program on their way into the job market.The donation of 50,000 EUR was presented by the managing director of the Association of the Chemical Industry (VCI), Utz Tillmann, in the Provadis training center in Frankfurt's Höchst industrial park.

“The promotion of qualified young talent is important to us. This applies to schoolchildren, trainees and students. Young people in particular who have difficulties and need more start-up time are dependent on our support, "explained Tillmann. The chemical industry sees the fight against youth unemployment as part of its social responsibility. As such, it already has a long tradition. In view of demographic change and that The resulting shortage of skilled workers makes it all the more important to improve young people's chances of an attractive training position and later job.

“Joblinge give young people the chance to prove their skills in practice - regardless of school grades and traditional job interviews. In order to support them on their way, business, public authorities and civil society are working together ", explained Ulrike Garanin, board member of the Joblinge umbrella organization." The VCI donation helps us to expand our commitment in Berlin and to build up a strong network for young people . " The most important goal of the initiative is to enable young people to lead a self-determined life through work and to integrate them sustainably into society.

The umbrella organization of the Joblinge initiative is based in Munich, but is active nationwide via a social franchise system. In Rhine-Main it has locations in Frankfurt, Offenbach and Wiesbaden. Since it was founded in 2007, Joblinge has made more than 2,000 young people fit for a professional future. The program includes personal development training, internships in companies and intensive individual coaching by employees and volunteer mentors. So far, more than 65% of the graduates have been accepted into unsubsidized training or work. Numerous companies in the chemical industry and their employees are also committed to the initiative. You contribute with internship and apprenticeship positions, as a mentor or trainer with the job candidates.