Is the intelligence distributed normally


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      Dear Annabeth,
      I felt a lot like me when I was your age. Only that I am almost 60 years old today and very satisfied today.

      I hated the world and especially the school (s) and actually all people. Several times I was on the verge of killing myself because I thought I was crazy.

      It wasn't until I was in my late twenties that I was lucky enough to receive psychological help, and my psychiatrist's sentence ended up being: 'Don't worry. You are completely normal, the others are the problem! ‘Gave me some courage again. But be careful - many doctors, psychologists and supposed helpers have no idea what is going on inside us! These people are very often just a result of our dysfunctional education system!

      But I want you to know that I've been looking up since then. He himself was one of us who suffered greatly from being different in his youth.

      Since then I have known that I am different, but that I can do a lot more than our image and system allows.

      Nevertheless, I have neither a high school diploma nor a degree because I only deal with what really interested me and as soon as something bores me, I looked for the next challenge.
      In the meantime I have made my peace with the world and with people.

      In our society, unfortunately, one is terribly punished if one is intelligent or gifted but not very wealthy. A suitable school used to cost two months' salary per month and today it is not much better.

      However - we have to stick together and build each other up!

      I hope I was able to give you a little confidence for your future with my contribution.
      Believe me, it's not easy, but it's worth it!
      In any case, I am very happy that I chose life back then - even though it was very, very exhausting in the beginning.

      You are not alone, Annebeth! And if you want, write to me. Maybe I can give you a few tips.
      You don't necessarily have to make the same mistakes that I made at the time.
      Cheer up and use your gift!

      best regards

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      So many answers when it comes to knowing a lot. Unfortunately, I don't know how high my IQ is, after several psychiatric treatments and sublimation with chemical agents, my brain may now be a bit burned. The fact is, school as we know it is total crap. I know the brains around during the school lesson, my solution was to tie friendship bracelets. From the 6th grade onwards, French was a little attracted, so I had to do something at home for the first time, then in secondary school (voci and such ...). The whole nonsense of waiting for information during these 9 years made me so atrophy that I could no longer draw a parallel (at the high school examination), I took the Ecaire and the ruler, shifted the parallel and marked it with a parallel. I didn't even have a circle, but the path was required ... so 3.5 copyists ... then KV on bank, securities trading career with a prospect of 45,000 gross per month ... military and copyist again ... since then in psychiatric treatment. I went to kindergarten when I was 6 and thought it couldn't be, let's go to school. Then, after half a year of waiting for input, I threw the box to the school teacher, went to the Gireizli and cried the rest of the day.

      A school should pick up every single child from their stimulus point for encouragement and start there. I learned more from a self-taught computer science in relation (duration 1 hour) than in the 9 years in which I learned some arithmetic, geometry and such, which should not have lasted longer than a year, with my urge and desire according to input.

      Instead you have to sit there for 9 years and when you have such a desire for education as I had it is more waiting than anything else. After that? Nothing. Looking for new knowledge.

      The economy should look around for its specialists and ensure that every child is specifically picked up where they are. A lot of potential is lost in these years with our system. Many comrades have really lost their mass. It's a shame actually.

      So here, when it comes to intelligence, a lot of people get in touch. But change things and start where the child can really develop without loss, not a result. A system is hammered in, no wonder that the number of big names was a long time ago.

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    • Antarius on May 18, 2021 at 3:59 pm

      Greetings and stay relaxed, everything will be fine!
      With the linguistic one, I smeared it completely, dyslexia (learning languages ​​works great - there are now 12 - but writing is still a horror scenario! With the interpersonal, well, normal people can really get nerves! I became, quite late, as gifted and All other areas are around 150 +/- 10. To the point: I quickly noticed how much I was bored and decided to change something, also on the advice of my grandfather. At the beginning he said: If you can't write, take you a dictionary and learn it by heart! So I put it into practice, although the words I wrote seemed illogical to me. As a result, I developed a guiding principle:

      "Find something where you are not so good and learn it using your other skills"

      I learned to write and to read properly. This opened up completely new possibilities!

      I learned to mirror and understand empathy. This enabled me to communicate with the “normal people”.

      What am I trying to tell you? :
      There's no point in being a high-flyer. You miss so much when you skip classes. You have to learn how people work, and psychologically, so that you can interact with them! It doesn't help you if you sit alone in your world or in your laboratory.
      You have the gift, by the way, to become / do whatever you want, whether as a hobby or to change the world.

      A few days ago I turned 35, my parents passed away, I have no siblings. 2 days ago, I sold my 4th company, 5 years ago my 3rd, 12 my 2nd and 17 years ago my first. I have registered 132 patents, issue licenses, etc.! After the first round, I didn't have to worry about financial matters anymore….

      But some time ago, the thought occurred to me: What did it all bring?

      Be free and creative, learn what you can't, pass on your gift as early as possible and as often as possible, be better than your parents!

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