What's your favorite part of school

And how was it?

There are several strategies you can use to get your child to talk more about the school day.

  • Only ask when you can really listen. You may think that you are ready to find out all about your child's day. However, you may be driving away from a busy parking lot and get stuck in a traffic jam and are still wondering whether you should take something with you for dinner on the way - i.e. you are not giving your child your full attention. Wait for a time when you are genuinely free to listen to your child and ask them questions.
  • Be patient. Your child may be too tired to speak at first when they get home. If so, don't bombard your child with questions right away. Let him rest, eat or sleep a little first. Then you can ask how his day was. If you're still not getting much out of it, then you should wait until bedtime. Even children who are completely silent often open up right before bed.
  • Ask clear questions. It is always difficult to answer general questions. Your child may have had eight different activities in one morning. It has spoken to 12 different people. It has had some very good moments and some bad ones. Sorting all of that is quite difficult.
  • Some examples of questions that might have interesting answers:
  1. What's the best thing that happened in school today? (What's the worst that happened at school today?)
  2. Tell me something that made you laugh today.
  3. If you could choose who would you most like to sit next to in class? (And who would you not want to sit next to and why?)
  4. What's the coolest place in school?
  5. Tell me a weird word you heard at school today (or something weird someone said)
  6. If I called your teacher tonight what would she say about you?
  7. How did you help someone today?
  8. How did someone help you today?
  9. Tell me one thing you learned today.
  10. When were you happiest today?
  11. When did you get bored today?
  12. Were you proud of something today?
  13. If a UFO had landed with you today, who would you have liked to have beamed up?
  14. Who would you most like to play with that you've never played with before?
  15. Tell me something good that happened to you today.
  16. What was the most common word your teacher said today?
  17. What do you think you should do / learn more often in school?
  18. What do you think you should do / learn less in school?
  19. Where do you play most often during the break?
  20. Who is the funniest person in your class? Why is he / she so funny?
  21. Who in your class could you be nicer to?
  22. What's your favorite part of the lunch break?
  23. What did you play during the break? Who did you talk to during the break?
  24. If you could be the teacher tomorrow what would you do?
  25. Is there anyone in your class who needs a "time-out"?
  26. If you could swap places with anyone in class, who would it be and why?
  27. Tell me about three different times you used your pen today.
  28. Who would you have swapped your school lunch with today? Why?
  29. Who did you lend something from your pencil case?
  30. What are you most looking forward to tomorrow?