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Dog in the car - what should you watch out for when transporting animals?

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Everything to do with traveling with dogs, cats and co

If the beloved four-legged friend is sick, he has to go to the vet. It's not always just around the corner, but sometimes a few kilometers away, which is why the car is used.

And also When traveling, the pet should not be missing as a family member. According to traffic law, a few things must be observed in order to to ensure the safety of animals, drivers and general road traffic during transport.

How should a dog be secured in the car? Is the trunk the only place allowed for animals to travel? And do you risk a fine, points or even a driving ban if you ignore the guidelines? We address these questions in this guide.

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FAQ: Animals in the car

How does a dog have to be transported in the car?

The StVO only stipulates that the dog must be secured. How you actually implement this is up to you. You can e.g. B. use a transport box, buckle up the dog or separate it from the driver with a partition.

What should be considered when transporting other animals, e.g. B. Cats?

Here, too, they must be secured and not allowed to move freely in the vehicle, as this could distract the driver. It is therefore advisable to transport cats and small animals in a transport box.

What should I watch out for when transporting animals in the car?

You can find useful tips for transporting animals by car here.

Transporting dogs in the car

There are a few things to consider when transporting dogs in the car. Because not only the pet should have as pleasant a ride as possible. Also a Accidents can be avoided by correctly transporting them. Therefore: The The dog must be secured in the car. Sudden braking and other, unforeseen driving maneuvers no longer make a difference.

Anyone driving a vehicle is responsible for ensuring that their vision and hearing are not impaired by the occupants, animals, cargo, equipment or the condition of the vehicle. Anyone who drives a vehicle must also ensure that the vehicle, the train, the trailer, as well as the load and occupation are in accordance with regulations and that the road safety of the vehicle is not impaired by the load or occupation. "(§ 23 StVO)

Accordingly, an animal romping around while driving is not permitted. The driver could be massively distracted from the traffic and cause property damage and personal injury. Therefore: Dogs must be secured in the car. This can be achieved through various accessories. These include:

  • Dog transport box
  • Safety belt for dogs
  • Partition net or grille for the cargo space
  • Dog car seat

Seat belts are compulsory for dogs

Buckling up a dog in the car works with the help of special seat belts. These fix the four-legged friend and in this way ensure the safety of all vehicle occupants. When choosing a seat belt, there are a few things to consider.

Buckle up on the dog in the car, he is allowed to Never attach the strap to the collar become. In the worst case, this would be his Strangulation or massive neck injuries of the four-legged friend. The use of a chest strap is therefore essential.
  1. The transport harness should have a certain stability, wide straps and a firm closure feature. It is also to be attached relatively closely to the body of the animalto do its job safely. Make sure that the harness does not cut in or put too much pressure on the dog.
  2. Also the Strap length is of considerable relevance when transporting dogs. If it is too long, it will not serve its purpose and the dog can become a projectile in an accident; if it is too short, the animal's well-being is impaired, which is also undesirable.

Dog owners usually do well with belt systems that have the GS seal (tested safety) and a review based on the Standards ECE R17, ECE R126 or DIN 75410-2 were subjected.

Transport your dog in the car - the transport box

Another solution for transporting dogs in the car is a dog transport box - also known as a car dog box.

This can can be found in the back seat as well as the front passenger seat or in the foot or trunk and secure the dog in the car.

To the Advantages of a dog crate belong:

  • they are available in different sizes and materials
  • can also be used as a place to sleep at home
  • high safety when transporting dogs (if parked behind the rear seat and positioned across the direction of travel)
  • possibly reduces intimidating driving impressions

But also some drawbacks show the boxes for the transport of dogs in the car.

  • the bigger and heavier they are, the more complicated they are to handle
  • rely on the support of other car components to ensure stability
  • Dogs have to be used to the box (time required)

What penalties are there for disregarding the load securing guidelines?

Anyone who does not properly secure their animal while driving must according to the catalog of finesexpect fines and possibly points in Flensburg.

The table of fines explains:

  • Driver that Do not secure animals adequately, expects a penalty of 35 €.
  • It will come in addition to endangering road traffic, that increases Fine of 60 €. One point will be credited to the register of fitness to drive in Flensburg.
  • In case of a Property damage lies the Fine at € 75 And also one point.
  • The animal endangers traffic and was unaccompanied on the road, the driver has one Penalty of 5 € to pay. Follows one Property damage expect him 10 €.

Transporting animals in the car - with a few tips, travel relaxed

Regardless of whether you have a dog or a cat in the car, if you follow a few recommendations before long trips with your animal, you will reach your destination without any worries.

  • Before you take the animal with you in the car, get it used to the car and the safety precautions
    Pet owners often make the mistake of putting their dog or cat in the transport box or car for the first time on the day of their vacation. The many new impressions (smells, noises and movements, etc.) can, however, make an animal considerably insecure and lead to defensive reactions. That is why it is important that you Start getting used to it in good time and in small steps. A fixed place is essential here.
  • Refrain from feeding while driving
    When transporting animals in the car, you should refrained from feeding because nervousness can lead to vomiting, even in animals. It is recommended that To give food well in advance. Of course, nothing speaks against one or two treats while driving.
  • Create familiar surroundings and provide water
    The The favorite's nervousness decreasesif known and familiar objects are traveling with you. This includes the Blanket as well as toys, collar and leash. If you are out for a longer period, give your dog the opportunity to drink enough.
  • Schedule regular breaks
    For longer trips are to insert regular breaks in the journey, especially to give dogs the opportunity to escape. In addition, such an outlet can be used for Stress relief contribute to the animal.
  • Pay attention to the temperature in the car
    When it comes to transporting animals, one factor is very important: the temperature. It is essential to observe this in order to obtain an Üto avoid overheating of the four-legged friend or even heat stroke. Because: Dogs, for example, don't sweat. This can quickly become a danger in a hot car. Air conditioning can help.
When traveling abroad (European Union) keepers of dogs, cats and ferrets should Pet passport do not forget. Issued by the veterinarian, the passport identifies the animal and provides information about its vaccination status. It also contains information about the pet owner, including his address. In addition, you should inform in advance whether you are actually allowed to import your animal. Certain exceptions apply to attack dogs and very young animals, among others.
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Dog in the car - what should you watch out for when transporting animals?
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  1. How do I transport a puppy. The newcomer is 8 weeks old and will be picked up the next few days. Dog crate or on the arm of a passenger?

    • Hi Michael,

      Animals must be properly secured while driving. Transport on the arm is therefore not an option.

      Your team from Buß

  2. Good day,
    In June we are going on vacation to Austria with our Golden Retriever (2 years) in our caddy. Is a dog net sufficient here, or is a box mandatory in Austria?
    Does the dog have to be buckled up despite the net?
    Thank you very much, Iris

    • Hello Iris,
      the traffic rules of Austria do not provide any specific provisions for securing dogs. The type of protection should, however, be adapted to the type and size of the animal. Nets, grids and boxes are generally considered suitable.

      Your team from Buß

  3. If I go on a long road trip with my beagle / dachshund mix, I'll take precautions !!
    The dog sits in the large trunk with a rear window, my car has air conditioning so that the temperature is comfortable, there is a cooling mat where the dog lies on it, he also has a bowl with water to quench his thirst, take regular pippi breaks , is that ok for the dog. I would never take my dog ​​with me in the car when I go shopping, because then the air conditioning is out of order and very dangerous for the dog.
    Lg. Manfred

  4. Hello, a friend would like to transport his dog (Labrador) in a closed trunk of a limousine (probably air-conditioned) and only open the ski flap to the inside of the car. Is that really allowed?

    • Hello Ute,
      According to traffic law, this is not prohibited, but under certain circumstances there may be a violation of animal welfare.

      Your team from Buß

  5. Good Morning,
    My question: Where is the better place for my dogs (two Jack Russels) on a longer trip with family and luggage? The box directly behind the seat or to the tailgate. With the C-Class T model?
    Thank you in advance, Uwe

  6. Hello,
    I have mounted a dog basket on my quad and also buckle the dog in the basket. Is that allowed and sufficient?
    P.S. my dog ​​loves quad biking.


  7. We would like to go to the Baltic Sea with our Bernese Mountain Dog in August, it should go in the trunk of our station wagon, which is secured by a dog guard, do we have to secure it again with a belt or leash? Or is the dog guard sufficient?

  8. Is a net partition in the vehicle generally sufficient for transporting a dog or is it advisable to secure it with a belt?
    I was told at the dog club that someone was punished for only transporting their dog with a net partition.

    • Hello Lucie,
      In principle, you are only obliged to adequately secure dogs. The legislature does not prescribe how exactly you proceed.

      Your team from Buß

  9. Hello, I would like to travel to turkey by car with my 8 month old thai ridgeback in august if a belt is enough or do i have to take a transport box via austria serbia bulgaria what are the regulations in the countries