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Austria's Foreign Minister: "It will not work without ugly pictures"

The world: The Scandinavians have reintroduced border controls, and Germany sends around 200 refugees back to Austria every day. There is criticism from Vienna of the German isolation. Do you share that?

Sebastian Kurz: There can be no talk of German isolation. Many EU states have long been trying to find a pan-European solution to the refugee issue. As long as we do not have effective protection of the EU's external borders, it should come as no surprise that more and more nation states are pursuing individual solutions.

The world: But are we not hastening the end of Schengen?

Short: I grew up in a Europe where freedom of travel was a matter of course. I will do everything I can to ensure that Schengen is not abolished. But I am also a realist: the particularly stressed states have no other option than to stop the refugees at their respective borders.

The world: Why is it so difficult to protect the EU's external borders - is Greece doing too little?

Short: It will not work without pressure on Greece. The states particularly affected by the refugee crisis protested too little and for too long gave the impression that we can manage to take in the large number of refugees. It is also counterproductive for Brussels to support Greece financially in transporting the refugees as quickly as possible from the Greek islands to the Macedonian border by ferry. We must ask Athens and support the Greeks in effectively securing the EU's external borders.