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My dog ​​ate some watercolor paint, is she okay?

I'm going to disagree a little with Kathleen's answer. The fact is that most watercolors - most paints - are more or less toxic. In general, pigments are metallic: titanium cadmium, zinc, lead (lead is the best pigment, permanent, cheap, mixes well with other pigments, interesting drying properties - in oils it dries slowly on its own, but accelerates the drying of other slow-drying pigments, if mixed in even in the slightest amount - there's a reason lead paint is everywhere), and metals tend to be toxic. Exceptions are earth colors, which are basically just dirt, and "lakes and madder," which are disembodied organic compounds used to color chalk to make "pigments" that are used to grind into Oil or gum arabic are suitable and therefore are not permanent. To top it off, until recently paint manufacturers were under no obligation to tell you about the toxicity of their paints, and even today pigments such as pthalocyanine are sold under the trade name "Thalo Blue" rather than "Cyanide Blue". Emerald green is still commercially available, and emerald green is mostly arsenic - manufacturers used to send half of their emerald green from the painters and the other half was wrapped up and sold as rat poison. Vermilion is a mercury sulfide.

I assume your dog is fine and no harm is done, but typically don't feed your pets your pigments or eat them yourself. Watercolors are as close to a "safe" professional painting medium as you can find it but sensible precautions are still required.

Probably okay. You can always check with poison control, but watercolor should go through your system. It is also never a good idea to induce vomiting unless the veterinarian or poison control tells you to. Better to run it through the GI system than inhale it, especially with acrylic.

I had a patient who ate a box of colored pencils. No problem, but very nice chairs for a few days.

T4A2A, Alex.

The first call was already made to your vet, right? 🙂

I can't tell, but the expression "Non-toxic" on a product label that is intended to be read and used by people is likely a pretty good indicator.

Time to shelter the rest of the house against puppies before moving on.

- The DOuG trainer

What color?

A metallic element-based pigment such as white lead or titanium is not good for anyone to eat. But burnt sienna / umber are earth tones so they are the same as eating mud / dirt.

ps watercolor half pans are NOT dog delicacies. LOL

Hi, I think by now you've probably found that your dog is doing reasonably well after possible initial aftermaths of HOPEFULLY ingesting just a small amount.

The only products I am aware of are those made from heavier metals (idk much on that!), But yeah, be careful with cadmium.

Hopefully you can store your art supplies in such a way that they will not be a temptation for your dog in the future !?

If it's just a little, she should be fine. They don't define a bit, so I can only assume that they may have licked some tube paint or chewed on a piece of the solid cake.

In general, more than one tube would have to be consumed to induce symptoms, some tubes for an adult. If your dog had more than one tube of paint, it would be wise to call a veterinarian. Most watercolors are non-toxic, but some of them are - cadmium and cobalt would be. The recommendation for adults is to give them some milk or water.

Dogs eat almost anything. So if they had just a little, that's probably not a problem, but give them milk or water. And like I said, if it was more than a little, call your vet.

Watercolor paint is generally non-toxic, be sure to check the label. If she's acting sick, take her to the vet right away!

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