What films are examples of great marketing

Anyone who explains content marketing is always faced with the same tiresome problem: They want to encourage entrepreneurs to come up with new, innovative and individual content strategies themselves. Therefore, he cannot give instructions for imitation. That would be against the point of the matter! The solution? We will present you with enough examples of successful medium-sized content marketing that you can get an overview of the range of possibilities and really get inspired! Is there something there that can be adapted for your company?

1. Example software provider: "Have you tried turning it off and on?"

The US company Glance sells software that facilitates internal communication within the company via screen sharing, remote desk and video calls. It presents the benefits of its solutions in a humorous YouTube video that shows how IT support typically works when Glance is NOT in use. Life as an IT support person is tough and has been the basis for sardonic jokes since IT was around. The video from Glance fits into a long tradition of funny YouTube videos on the subject. And who is watching these videos? IT staff - exactly the target group Glance wants to sell to. An example of successful content marketing in the B2B environment, as it is in the book!

2. Example music publisher: "Shit, it's Christmas again ..."

A classical music publisher offers thousands of products - for all instruments, for individual musicians, through quartets to orchestras, in all variations and from all epochs. In the new online shop, the visitor has to be able to filter the scores so that only the offers that are currently needed are left. The publisher has no choice: he has to put keywords into all his articles in meticulous detail.

Why not use the automation of the search for service offers at the same time? Year after year tens of thousands of German church choir conductors are faced with the question of how they should set up their Christmas or Easter concert. What fits, what doesn't? At this level, the conductor's license does not go hand in hand with studying music. The amateur musicians have never learned what makes a harmonious church concert. How practical when you can choose with a few clicks: once please 1 four-part mixed choir, 1 string quartet, 1 organ. Occasion: Christmas concert, mood: traditional, format: concert package. Et voila: A complete suggestion of suitable pieces of music is automatically given to him. Of course, with the option to purchase and a suitable license. And with one click it is in the shopping cart.

3. Example ice cream parlor: Build your own ice cream sandwich ... in 35 seconds

The US ice cream chain Jeni's may have a bit more budget and staff than a typical small or medium-sized company, but one of its content formats is quick and easy to reproduce: a time-lapse video. It shows a completely everyday, authentic little excerpt from everyday life in the ice cream shop: An ice cream sandwich is put together. The whole thing in fast motion with a bit of happy music - and the content video is ready. A small note at the store could now point to the YouTube channel so that those waiting in line can pass the time with the video - which, by the way, is also interesting for customers who are worried about the hygiene behind the scenes, especially at the time of Corona, even if it doesn't look like summer at the moment when you look out the office window.

The format is by no means only suitable for companies with "sexy" offers: It appeals to buyers of industrial parts as well as massage patients, customers of interior designers and interested parties who want to have an individual piece of jewelry made in the Etsy shop.

4. Example tourism: four rooms, kitchen, stable

Chez Cliché Tourismus GmbH, founded in 2011, specializes in renting luxury apartments to Viennese tourists. Each of the highly individual accommodations is presented on the website by a fictitious host. The product presentation becomes storytelling: Raul used to be a jockey, is still connected to equestrian sports and collects trophies and souvenirs from his active time in “his” apartment. Books on the Spanish Riding School, a five-minute walk away, are on the shelf. Raul also recommends a visit to the Viennese Hofzuckerbäckerei, clothing stores for high-quality tweed and his favorite coffee house. Meanwhile, design and music fan Beat presents his record collection, invites you to use his multimedia antiques and knows the best dance halls in the immediate vicinity of which he lives. The effect: interested parties immediately associate the apartments with feeling and passion, can classify their advantages and disadvantages and remember the offer much better. The stay is more personal and feels more like staying with friends than a sterile office.

5. Example of a sock subscription: Socks are good, everything is good

When the Swiss Sami Liechti came up with the plan in 1999 to sell black socks by subscription, probably more than one start-up consultant frowned skeptically. Today he is considered one of the pioneers of the subscription commerce business, but should also be considered a content marketing pioneer. Because its business success is not based on the product, but on its presentation. Every sock delivery to the subscriber is celebrated individually, e.g. with the slogan: "Dear boletus instead of athlete's foot", the free gift of a boletus soup in a can and a list of tips against athlete's foot. Content marketing and product delivery become one.

6. Example riding stable: Pfeeeeerde!

As a child, were you perhaps the pony girl? The girl with horse stickers on her satchel, who wants to play a horse in the school yard and unwinds horse trivia without end? If it wasn't you, you probably knew one. Numerous children go through a horse phase and would prefer to spend the whole day in the stable after their first riding lesson. A riding school has made use of this: the children can use the webcam on the house pasture to see on their mobile phones all day long to see how their darling is doing. Then, of course, people eagerly share with their friends: “Look, this is the Sunny! I rode them last week. ”The horse enthusiasm is fed and the children have even more fun. The free advertising is of course also a nice side effect.

The next level would be the integration of the cam on YouTube so that people all over the world can look in, if not let the calming stream run in the background on the smart TV. By then at the latest, security issues should also be clarified: You don't want to accidentally tell burglars when nobody is at home or when the tack room is unguarded.

7. Example of gardening supplies: The alternative use of plant seeds

Do you know ASMR? The so-called "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response" describes an automatic relaxation reflex that is triggered by certain sensory stimuli and helps many people relax or fall asleep. Thousands of ASMR videos can now be seen on YouTube that play whispering and clacking noises for minutes or in which someone's hair is combed. The trend that has long been popular in the USA is now also spilling over to Germany. Hornbach immediately took advantage of this and played with plant seeds for a minute and a half:

8. Example of the health sector: Dr. Stefan Frank 2.0

Does the hospital do content marketing? This is no longer as rare in the hospital sector as outsiders might think, and not just since the crisis. As part of the so-called “Consultation Hour 2.0” project, the Dortmund Clinic has been offering live chats with experts for a long time, during which questions can be asked and information about illnesses can be obtained. This particularly appeals to all those who have reservations about health issues and who avoid visits to the doctor as often as possible. The fear of the threshold is lower than when visiting the hospital, and afterwards it doesn't seem so threatening either. Of course, there is also a lot of convenience involved - the live consultation hour is just there easier than the practice visit. And finally, many read along out of curiosity. Many of the videos have worth seeing views in the five-digit range.

9.Example of pop culture and expertise: Most popular influencer 2018: Katniss Everdeen

Few products generate more enthusiastic consumers than films. Who mouthed on social media Lord of the rings, matrix or The Hunger Games opens, can be assured of a large, well-meaning audience. Film reviews and satirical film commentaries are just as widespread on YouTube as professional analyzes of soundtracks or evaluations of the gender distribution in the ensemble. Always at the forefront: expert reviews. The ratings of the series House or Emergency room by real medical staff are so popular that multiple channels have established themselves that do nothing else. However, weapons experts, survival experts, body language experts and security experts are just as exciting. Physicists evaluate exploding cars and space battles, chemists evaluate the work of their fictional colleagues. Lawyers with different specialties have something relevant to say about a surprisingly large number of scenes in films. Something doesn't always have to blow up! Should a financial expert have a look at Wolf of Wall Street throw a casino manager the Ocean’s Taking apart films, a city planner's hometown of Thor appraise ... Just yesterday I saw a video in which couple counselors criticized Disney princesses' relationships. All you need is a willing employee, and then camera: off! A number of companies have already made their mark on YouTube - be it on their own or as guests at the influencer vlog.

10. Example Viral Trends: It Gets Better

Do you remember the "It Gets Better" campaign? It all started with the suicide of an American teenager who became a victim of bullying because of his sexual orientation. A gay couple then turned to young people in similar situations on YouTube and kicked off an avalanche of “It Gets Better” news from all over the world - over 70,000 in total. Many contributions came from celebrities and politicians. But where other companies are under general suspicion of interfering because of self-promotion, their participation this time was extremely welcome. After all, the solidarity of (potential) employers ultimately brings more concrete benefits than that of Neil Patrick Harris or the Bishop of New Hampshire. In addition to Google Inc., the McKinsey Institute, Random House or Gap, numerous medium-sized companies with local catchment areas have also participated.

11. Example of viral challenges: Brrrr, so cold ...!

We faced a very similar case with the Ice Bucket Challenge. This was an awareness campaign for the ALS disease. ALS is a motor nervous system disease that causes spastic paralysis. Anyone who abruptly dips their head into ice water will get an impression of what this paralysis feels like. This is how the Ice Bucket Challenge - the ice bucket challenge - was launched. The participants were filmed on YouTube as they were poured with a bucket of ice water. Then they nominated friends and acquaintances and challenged them to undergo the same procedure. Then each donated ten US dollars to the ALS Association. In a month and a half, over $ 90 million was donated. Here, too, many entrepreneurs were able to distinguish themselves through their participation. Anyone who mentioned their donation in their video was not so quickly accused of using the challenge as an advertising measure. Many large companies got very creative: When the CEO of Coca Cola nominated McDonalds, the fast food chain sent its mascot Ronald McDonald in front of the camera. Ronald nominated all redheads to participate. Samsung was promoting the waterproof Galaxy S5. The corporation released a video in which an animated cell phone submitted to the challenge and challenged the iPhone to do the same. Smaller companies also demonstrated what happens to their products when they are showered with water. But it was already a great pleasure for the spectators to watch the managing directors at the challenge. The distinguished tie-wearers showed the courage to self-irony when they ruined their beautiful suits and put their brands in a positive light.

12. Example of a watch seller: This is not a watch

A picture of a clock is not a clock. The watchmaker Botta Design from Königstein knows that too and won the Hessian Website Award 2016 - among other things for this insight. Because there is a difference in whether I pick up the designer watches in the shop or choose them in the online shop. The Botta design in the online shop compensated for the first time with literally thousands of high-resolution product images that really staged the watches from all sides. The option of printing out an outline of the respective clock in its original size on a sheet of paper is particularly smart. Interested parties can put the blueprint around their arms and check whether the watch of their choice really suits them. This has an extremely good effect on the sales rate.

13. Example car rental: Germany chooses, Angie does it

Those who dare to provoke will be rewarded with attention. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether entrepreneurs can afford to be offended in their situation and in their industry. But provocative content is guaranteed to be remembered by people. In the past few years you have surely noticed that the smoothie supplier true fruits repeatedly made headlines with commercials that were rated as tasteless, suggestive or even racist. Another good example is the Sixt car rental company - also known for its guerrilla marketing. When the President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maaßen, came under fire two years ago, Sixt responded on Twitter with a picture that showed Maaßen and some rental cars. The caption: “Promotion at the push of a button: also at Sixt.” The year before, Sixt had already raised the problem of forming a grand coalition in a video called “Mom at the wheel”. Let's listen briefly:

Anyone who makes political satire naturally also praises a lot about political attitudes. Only companies that are willing to position themselves politically can afford this.