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Posted: 01/26/2017, 5:05 pm Do Vietnamese celebrate birthdays in Germany?

I have already heard that birthdays often do not play a major role in the Vietnamese region, as many Vietnamese do not know them or they simply celebrate them traditionally with all other birthdays on New Year's Day.
But how is it in Germany, especially with those who have lived here from an early age? Don't the immigrant children or the children whose parents immigrated also want to have a birthday?
And are there also parts of Vietnam where birthdays are celebrated?
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Posted: 01/26/2017, 5:58 pm (no title)

You are celebrating your birthday here.

But the first birthday is especially celebrated at home - on the scale that one knows among Germans at weddings with many relatives and friends - also with a cultural program on a stage.
The other day in Berlin's Asia wholesale market I saw it again: Closed event in halls with several hundred guests each.


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Posted: Jan 31, 2017, 7:09 am (no title)

My wife celebrates her birthday - at least since she's in Germany - quite "normally". The second-generation Vietnamese, whom I met during my studies, also celebrated like Germans.

And even in Vietnam, I've been invited to birthday parties. They were also quite "normal". I think that when it comes to birthday parties, a lot is becoming similar to the West and tradition is taking a back seat. Although I don't think that's bad - who can object if you get together regularly to celebrate ...

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Posted: Jan 31, 2017, 2:06 pm (no title)

In the meantime, state propaganda is already persuading the Vietnamese that they have Christmas to celebrate. Example: A report about a visit to a charitable youth group in the hospital, where the patients feel particularly alone over Christmas. LOL. At Tet, they feel especially abandoned there. But the main thing is that people are stimulated to pointless consumption. And the youth are again one step further to the officially propagated "global citizen". They go along with everything that is somehow "West". Because it's sooo stylish.
Also fits in with the heated up discussion to forego Tet and only celebrate the Western New Year. Because of the great globalization. At some point they'll grab it. The "modernization of agriculture" that is now beginning is likely to be an important step towards the destruction of traditional culture.
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In this sense.

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