Why do people want to be popular

I want to be liked and loved by everyone

TIP 1:Boost your self-esteem.

Treat yourself as lovingly as you would like others to treat you. Talk to yourself as sensitively and lovingly as you would like others to do. In this way you fill your inner emptiness yourself and develop the feeling of being lovable. Then enjoy being liked by other people, but don't be desperate if they turn you down.

TIP 2:Give up the requirement to be liked and loved by everyone.

Remind yourself that no person in the world has ever been liked and loved by all people - not even the great religious leaders. Read the post on Recognition and the Wisdom of Life We can't please everyone.

TIP 3:Instead of looking to see how others feel about you, focus on yourself.

Think about your most important values ​​and goals and pursue them. People who have similar goals will be attracted to you and like you. You yourself contribute to your satisfaction when you do things that are meaningful and enriching for you.

TIP 4:Distinguish between the opinions of others and yourself.

If someone else rejects you, it is just their personal point of view. In no way does it mean that you are not okay.

TIP 5:Take into account that feelings can be fleeting.

Even in the best partnership, there are moments when our partner loves us less or not at all. This is even more true of other relationships. Whether our counterpart likes us at a certain moment depends on many different factors - e.g. whether they are in a good mood or whether we are meeting their expectations.

TIP 6:Accept that every now and then you will be disappointed in others.

Sometimes there are conflicts of interest in living together. The other may try to enforce their needs and you will receive nothing in this situation. However, it doesn't have to mean that he generally doesn't like or love you. Sometimes the other is simply unable to show love at that moment.