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Data volume is also used in the WLAN!

By Andreas Filbig | August 24, 2020, 9:00 p.m.

Is your data volume used up again and the obligatory SMS from the telephone provider arrives even though you are currently on the WLAN? The question arises as to whether data volume is being used in spite of the WLAN connection. The answer is "yes"! TECHBOOK reveals how much and how you can prevent this.

Data volume consumption in WiFi on the iPhone

Owners of Apple smartphones can read the consumption, well hidden, in the settings. In the “Mobile network” menu item, scroll all the way down. There you will find the option “WLAN support”, which is activated by default on the iPhone. If the WLAN signal is weak, mobile data is also automatically used. If you regularly have weak WiFi and want to save data volume, you should deactivate this function by clicking on the green slider in order not to get a nasty surprise.

Data volume consumption in WLAN with Android

Android itself does not provide a function like the iPhone. If you suspect that too much data volume is being used despite WiFi, the only thing that helps is to completely deactivate the mobile data in the WiFi. However, owners of Samsung smartphones have the option of deactivating WLAN support in the settings. This option comes from the manufacturer and is called "Automatically connect to the mobile network". The function can be found under “Settings” -> “WLAN” -> “Advanced”.

High data volume consumption, although mostly in WLAN

If you are still wondering that a lot of data volume is used even though you use your device almost exclusively in the WLAN, this can be related to uploads. For example, if you save your photos in the cloud, you have to be careful that not every photo is automatically loaded into the online storage. This option is activated on most devices and uses a lot of data volume depending on the number of photos taken.

Cellular providers do not consume any data volume in the WLAN

TECHBOOK asked the mobile phone provider whether data volume is also being used in the WLAN. Volker Petendorf, Group spokesman for Vodafone, gives the all-clear: "Data volume from the mobile phone contract is not used if the customer is logged into a WLAN network with his smartphone or tablet." Telefonica also points out that only the variants we have described Data is consumed.

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