What really makes a man?

Men really want these 10 things from us women!

Oh yes, we women know it well: How often do we wish that our loved one understands what we mean without having to tie it straight to his nose? But not only we want the wishes of a partnership to be literally read from our eyes. Men, too, want us women to do things that we would definitely not have expected. We'll tell you here what things men really want from us!

1. Sometimes unhealthy too

“Nah, not for me. But do you like to take! ”Do you always say that when your husband orders delicious French fries? And then our fingers reach into his cardboard bowl as if by remote control. At most, he lets out a sigh - what he actually wants to say to us as a partner: “Order your own portion at least ONCE!” We'll do it, because there are really worse things!

2. Gift Advisor

Flowers, blouses, bath products - none of them his thing. That is why he appreciates it all the more when we women pull through smelly shops in his place to choose a suitable present for his mother, sister, grandma or other female relatives. Let's do him a favor. After all, there are worse reasons to go shopping extensively, right?

3. Relax

We women are constantly rotating. Or make us mind when we eat a pizza instead of raw vegetables in the evening. He is leading us by such a good example: after work, feet up, beer up. So that's the cliché. However, the relationship will be even better for him if we just play along.

4. Being able to show off with us

Of course, in love and a partnership it comes down to the inner values. In the end, it's those who make him stick with us for more than a few weeks. But: who cares about inner values ​​at parties and receptions? It's about making a good figure as a partner. And later we will surely like to listen to him when he proudly tells how his friends raved about his great wife.

5. Admire him

With praise one wins the favor of every man. Psychologists know that the main drive of creative men is admiration for women. Picasso was no different from Mick Jagger. Even if our man is better at updating his computer than writing songs, he longs for his girlfriend's approval. And he definitely deserved it because he saved us many hours of fiddling.

6. Be happy with him

His eyes light up when he sees his new bike (iPad, TV)? The object of his male desire cost 1000 euros upwards - you could easily have bought a new sofa for that… That's right. But does he complain about our tenth pair of pumps? Just. Let's treat him to his useless expense and look forward to his radiance - even if, for once, it's not for us.

7. Say what we want!

Together in the car ... We: "Do we want to eat?" He: "Nope, not now ..." We are bitchy because we would have liked to take a break. And he? Is at a loss. Men don't understand hints and lines. So: let's talk plainly! Then it works with making beds, taking down garbage, etc.

8. Show that we need him

We certainly had a life before our husband wired our apartment optimally. But does he have to know? No! What he wants is that we show him how valuable his contribution is to our life together. No matter what it looks like. And even if he was not lacking in our lives before, he certainly would in the life after.

9. Treat him like a real guy

Our man is a strong, indestructible being who sometimes opens a beer bottle with his teeth if necessary. He's a lone wolf, a tough bear, or maybe even a lithe tiger. But he is definitely not a rabbit, mouse or cleaner. So please don't call him that either. At least not in front of his friends - and no, not even during sex, please.

10. Take care of him

The sandwich tastes better when it is lubricated by the person you love most. It used to be his mother and now it's us as his partner. And in addition to all of our great qualities, it is also nice when we just pound it and cut its apple into bite-sized pieces, without the skin, of course.

What do men like in a woman?

We now know what men want from their partner in a relationship. But how do you have to be as a woman so that you can end up with him in the first place and that your first dates become more than just a loose sex relationship? In fact there are a few Qualities that make us women particularly attractive to men. Men love it when we have a natural yet confident demeanor. You want a friend who has both feet on the ground. And we do, don't we?

A positive charisma and a certain sense of humor are also particularly popular with men. And yes, in addition to all the chumminess, men don't mind at all if we mimic the hot lover, at least during sex, who also likes to take control from time to time and gives him a lot of pleasure.