What are the interesting interview questions

Interesting questions: 50 questions for interesting conversations

Interesting questions make for interesting conversations. Here is a list of 50 interesting questions that you can use on different occasions.

Whether it's questions to get to know or for fun occasions or just questions to think about, these interesting questions stay true to their name and will pique everyone's interest.

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They can also be good topics of conversation when you don't know what to talk to someone about or what to ask them. Let's get started!

1. Are you an emotional person or a head person?

There are people who think with their feelings, but there are also people who like to use their heads. Can you find yourself in either of these two categories?

2. If you had a yacht, what would its name be?

Mr. or Mrs. Something. Or maybe you would use a plant as a name, such as rose, tulip, or something like that. But maybe you already have a name and don't need any tips.

3. Who is the messiest person you know?

Is it a family member or friend? Or is it maybe you?

4. What weird dishes do you like to eat?

You know no one else would eat them, but you eat them anyway. You can't explain it, but you like the taste and you could always eat them.

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5. What food have you not yet tried, but would you like to try it?

You may have seen the food on TV and it impressed you, but you haven't had a chance to try it yet. Just be patient, sooner or later you will taste it.

6. Do you think that children born today will have a better or a worse life than their parents?

A simple but serious question, isn't it?

7. Do you find it easier to love or hate someone?

Also simple, but very serious. And maybe painful.

8. What is your favorite song and what does it mean to you?

You must have a song that you listen to on a loop. Maybe it makes you feel better or you just like the sound.

9. Which part of the body could you do without?

Which one wouldn't cause you problems if you lost it? That can be hand or foot or maybe just a finger?

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10. What's the stupidest statement you've ever heard?

I am sure there are many. And I think a lot of people would love to hear it and call that an interesting question. So let them know!

11. If you could change one thing about humanity, what would you choose?

Here I am sure you have a long list. But what is the one thing that you would change? It's hard to choose, isn't it?

12. Which do you prefer: sea or mountains?

Here's a positive, interesting question. Swimming or hiking? Beach or forest? Fish or rabbits?

13. If you could have a video of a situation of your choice in your life. What situation would that be?

I'm sure you have a long list of situations here too, but that wouldn't be an interesting question if you could choose multiple situations.

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14. What was your best vacation experience?

Lots of beautiful things happen on vacation and they are fondly remembered. I bet the question relaxed you because you remembered the beautiful experience. This question will definitely relax other people as well.

15. If you could create your clone, what would you do with it?

You can use a clone for an examination. With its help, you could also do several things at once.

16. What is your main concern?

Only one, please, because I'm sure there are unfortunately several. As with all people.

17. Would you rather know how you die or when you die?

Nobody likes to talk about death, but this interesting question can make conversations with good friends interesting because it is difficult to answer.

18. Which fantasy character would you enliven if you could?

Is it a cool character or a handsome one? It can also be a fun character. Depends on your mood. There are different answers to this interesting question, it all depends on the mood and the timing.

19. Are you particularly proud of something about yourself?

Don't be shy and say it openly! From time to time you can also praise yourself.

20. When you get old, what are the questions children will ask you? What do you think?

You will surely remember the questions you asked as a child. It will be very interesting to hear what your grandchildren will ask.

21. What is the last thing that started bad for you, but was still good in the end?

Life can sometimes make a big joke on us and knock us down hard, but in the next minute everything changes and then you think, "Well, that wasn't that bad."

22. Is there life in other galaxies?

Watch out, aliens! That can also make for an interesting conversation.

23. Would you rather be less attractive and filthy rich or extremely good-looking, but poor?

That's a lousy question, I know. But at least she'll make you laugh.

24. What is the best that the people in your country could do to change the country?

Every country can use some change. The only question is what these changes can be.

25. What never gets boring no matter how much time goes by?

Pay attention to the question! What is GENERAL never boring? So for everyone, not just for you. This can be anything from a movie, a song, a product, a piece of clothing, a game, etc.

26. Is there something that you have dreamed of for a long time but have not yet dared to do?

There must be a thing or two, right? Is it an extreme sport? Something like bungee jumping or skydiving? Or something that has nothing to do with exercise. Maybe a phone call?

27. Which actor would you like to spend a day with? (Or actress?)

Is it someone you find interesting or rather want a comedian? Or maybe you want one that looks very good? Hey, nobody would blame you. Everyone would do the same.

28. If you could get a question answered by an omniscient, what would you want to know?

Everyone has questions about life, the universe or about other people. It is in our nature to be curious. We want to know the truth, and if we had the opportunity to ask a question to someone who knows everything, then we would definitely use it.

29. What popular food do you find disgusting?

There are sure to be some foods that you don't like, even though they are popular. People often wonder if someone doesn't like a popular dish and then often ask why, but mostly out of curiosity. This interesting question can make for a good conversation.

30. What's the last photo you took?

Cell phone out and just show it. We know that a picture is worth a thousand words. There is sure to be a story to tell with the photo. Maybe a very interesting one.

31. Do you remember your first kiss?

This is a question for friends or even your partner. Regardless of whether they like it or not, everyone remembers their first kiss and can tell us a sweet story if the kiss was nice. But you can also suck for laughter when the kiss goes bad.

32. Which operation would you rather do: heart or brain operation?

That is, if you had to do one of these operations. Which one would be worse for you? Or which one scares you more?

33. What was the smartest statement you have ever heard?

We already had the question about the stupidest statement and it's easy to answer. But what about that question? What was the smartest statement you've ever heard? Did it come from a friend or acquaintance or did you just read it somewhere and you liked it straight away?

34. Do you believe in God and what are you doing?himin front?

If you believe in God, you surely have a picture of him. Do you think of it as an energy that is without form? Is he just a force for you? Or is he for you a being with whom one can have a connection?

35. When was the last time you said to someone: "I told you so."?

Oh we love to say that. This statement shows that we were right. And everyone fondly remembers the last time they said that.

36. What is the most interesting building or house that you have visited?

If you are a fan of stories, then you must have enjoyed a historic building. But that can also be a normal house that you have visited and that you immediately liked.

This question can keep the conversation going because you can then recommend the building. And the interlocutor must have visited a couple of interesting buildings.

37. Which event in your life has shaped you the most?

This question can be very risky for one reason: the person was shaped by a bad event and doesn't like to remember it, and it's your fault now that they have to remember it.

So you should only ask this question if you are sure that the person did not have a traumatic experience. Then she will tell you about something positive and maybe motivate you too.

38. Which famous person do you dislike?

Is it an actor, singer, athlete or something else? There is sure to be a person you don't like because of their behavior. Stars can often be arrogant and nobody can suffer from arrogant people.

39. In which situation in your life were you really lucky?

This interesting question is really a blast! Who knows what answers you will get? Lots of people are sure to have some incredible stories to tell, and with this question you can hear them and then tell others.

With some stories you will surely be amazed and not believe that the person experienced this and was so lucky.

40. What is the funniest joke you know?

Sometimes you want to relax and have a good laugh. With this question you will get exactly that. There is always something funny to tell in your friendship group. Especially if you haven't seen your friends in a long time, you can ask this question after you've talked about more important things, of course.

41. What interesting story could you tell me?

This question is similar to the 39th question. Both questions give the interlocutor a chance to remember something interesting and to tell it.

42. What is the strangest thing that you have ever experienced?

There are things that cannot be explained. You have experienced it, but you have no explanation for it. It doesn't have to be something scary, it can just be an experience that you can't explain.

43. If you could live forever, what would you do?

Here one can simply answer, “Everything I've done so far.” But maybe there are people who want to do something specific when they could live forever.

44. What scares you the most?

Everyone has their fears. What do you think scares your interlocutor the most?

45. Which horror character do you not want to meet in real life?

Regardless of whether you watch horror films or not, everyone knows the well-known horror characters and everyone knows which one they don't want to meet.

46. ​​What was cool when you were young but not cool now?

A lot changes over time. Every new generation brings new trends and new cool things and old things are quickly forgotten.

47. Do you think a long distance relationship can work?

Perhaps the person you are talking to has or had a long-distance relationship. Anyway, he will share his experience with you and give you reasons why he thinks it can (not) work.

48. If magic were real, what would you use it for?

What would you conjure up for yourself? Or better asked: who would you enchant?

49. If you could become invisible, what would you do?

Would you secretly be next to the person you like and hear what they are talking about you? This power can also come in handy when you suddenly need to disappear.

50. Have you ever fallen in love with one of your teachers?

I think many have done this before. In the teenage years you do crazy things, so it is not strange when a student falls in love with the teacher. But that goes by quickly and then you remember it and laugh.