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23 surefire tips to get more traffic to your blog - 2020 update

You want more visitors to your blog? Then read this article carefully. I'll show you how you are guaranteed to get more traffic to your blog - with these simple but surefire tips. Tried and tested for 2019. We tested it.


>> Here are the 23 surefire tips for more visitors to your blog.

There is one rule of thumb that not every blog owner is aware of. Spend the same amount of time it takes to create content promoting your articles. It's called “seeding content”. True to the motto:


Do good and talk about it.


More traffic and visitors won't come to your blog by themselves. Even if you produce really great blog articles, the world has to find out first. There are several ways to do this. We have put together a checklist here and call it "The 23 surefire tips for getting more visitors to your blog". Because we have had exactly this experience with ourselves and our own blog.

I suppose you want to make money from your blog. That's why I recommend that you implement one or the other tip. Several of them or even all of them would be best ????


Whoever gives wins! - How the law of reciprocity generates more visitors to your blog

Some of our readers may already know this saying, others already live it. "He who does good will experience good". This saying has its origin in the following simple theory:


Do something for others, then others will do something for you.


Have you ever had the situation where someone helped you without asking for anything? Maybe someone helped you move your apartment? How did you feel afterwards? Did you feel like you had to give something back to this person in some way?

Or vice versa. Isn't it just a really great feeling to have helped someone? I mean, having really helped? And you can be sure that the other person usually feels obliged to you in some way. She wants to return the favor.That is the law of reciprocity.


Blogging and Reciprocity

We also use this principle in blogging. In my blog coaching I always ask the following (absolutely exaggerated) question: You are writing an article in your blog that is so full of added value that your reader earns € 100,000 in a very short time with the new knowledge. How strong do you think the connection between reader and blogger would be then?


Bloggers help bloggers

It would actually be obvious that bloggers should support one another. Or? I firmly believe that we should do this even more. If you help other bloggers to get more readers - if you help them to promote their articles - then at the end of the day you will be helped too! What more traffic can mean for you.


The 23 surefire tips to get more traffic to your blog

We have had very positive experiences with performing the following activities on a regular basis.


1. More visitors from Google

The most sustainable way to get more traffic to your blog or website is through SEO.

Boring? Might be.

But effective.

Optimize your blog posts for Google and the other search engines (Yahoo, Bing, etc.). There is no better way to get long-term and lasting visitors to your blog.



2. Optimize your meta tags

The first thing users see in the search engine is your SERP snippet.

Title and Meta Description.

Write an attention-grabbing headline (H1) and a compelling, emotional description of your blog article.

This will bring you more visitors to your blog than many other methods.



3. Recurring traffic from great content

It doesn't always have to be new blog visitors. On the contrary. Returning readers are the secret to traffic.

If you want to ensure that your blog visitors keep coming back to your content, you don't just have to have good ones, you have to great content deliver.

Better than anything else that can be found on your topic.

Write emotional headlines and subheadings. Use it to draw your readers deeper into your posts.

With excellent texts and matching pictures, graphics and videos you keep the tension until the end.

Such blog posts are often shared on social media and bring new visitors to your blog.



4. Regularly provide your readers with new content on your blog

If your content is good, people will be waiting for you to delight them with it on a regular basis.

If you disappoint this expectation, the visitors stay away.

If you meet their expectations, they will reward it with loyalty. Loyal readers keep coming back, sharing your publications and recommending your blog to others.



5. Write for your readers

Probably the most important tip of all:

Write your blog articles for your readers. Answer their questions. Entertain them. Solve their problems.

This way you will build a loyal community and you will no longer have to worry about the number of visitors.



6. Leave 10 honest comments once a week on blog articles from other bloggers

Commenting on blog articles has several advantages. You are helping the other blog operator because a blog article with lots of comments is “successful”, especially for new readers. Or don't you think that an article with over 100 comments has to be good?

Furthermore you call yourself to mind again and again. But readers of the blogger can also become aware of you and your own blog based on your comment.


The most important rule here:
Write honest comments and don't spam. Only comments like “good article” can have a negative effect in the long run.



7. Share your articles on major social networks at least once a week

Many bloggers already practice this point. We publish on the following social networks:


A good tip, especially for busy people, is the free Bufferapp tool. With this tool you can automatically publish on several social media channels.

The greatest added value from my point of view, you can plan the seeding of your blog articles in advance. These will then be posted automatically at the scheduled time. I usually plan at the end of the week and all postings for the following week.



8. Like and comment, retweet and favor 5 blog articles from other bloggers on Facebook and Twitter

Here the law of reciprocity comes into play again. Like posts on Facebook, comment on them and retweet postings from others on Twitter. In this way, people will notice you or your company and visit your blog >>> more traffic.



9. Write a guest article on other blogs once a month

Write blog articles for other blogs. A guest article brings you, the author, a link to your website and possibly a few readers as well. It brings free and high quality content to the host and thus possibly more readers. A classic win-win situation.

The great thing about guest articles is that you can kill several birds with one stone.

You get Backlinks, establish yourself as Expert and authority and you get more visitors on your blog.


This is how you get the most out of guest articles

The problem with guest articles is that readers often don't even notice that the article was written by you.

This is because the author's box - which also contains the link to your website - is usually placed at the end of the article.


If the author box is at the end of an article, the link to your website is often not noticed.

The readers are usually already on the go to the next post - or somewhere else - and no longer pay attention to your bio and the link.

It is similar with the bio at the beginning of a post.


If the "About the Author" section is at the beginning of the article, it will either be overlooked or ignored.

Who can blame it.

Would you click on an author's page before reading their post? Not me.

And at the end of the article, the box is already forgotten. Very few people scroll back to the beginning to click your link.

What else you should know:

Backlinks from such author boxes are rated less highly by Google than backlinks from the text.


The Lsolution

For every guest post, try to link from the content. Not every website owner will agree with this.

Then what can you do to convince him?

  • Explain that the page you are linking to exactly matches the content of the blog article and
  • brings a lot of added value for its readers.
  • Agree that you will place the link naturally in the text without disturbing the flow of reading and the visual appearance.

Here is an example that shows how it should be.


You can find out more about guest articles in our article.



Do you like what you've read so far?



10. YouTube as a traffic source

Not for everyone, I know.


A well-run YouTube channel with informative videos is a great source of traffic.

Publish reviews, instructions, explanatory videos, etc., make sure that your channel and videos are SEO-optimized and distribute your videos on social media.

That brings traffic.

But that's not all.

Embed your videos in blog posts. Videos have a positive impact on your website's SEO.


Transcribe your video - and you've got another blog post.



11. Images SEO

Optimize your pictures. This not only affects your SEO in general, but also yours Rankings in the Google image search.

Not all content is equally suitable for image search. There are, however, topics in which the user deliberately searches for images in order to then access the website from the image.



12. Pinterest

Speaking of image searches.

Did you know Pinterest is a visual search engine? Not a social media platform as most people think.

No. Pinterest is a visual search engine.

My team colleague Siegfried did a test with a little blog. Hardly any visitors, only a few articles, almost no traffic.

That's the result after posting some Pins on Pinterest.


As you can see, the blog had an increase in visitor numbers from the end of January (first pins were published). Most of it comes from Pinterest. On April 17, 2018, there were even 247 visitors to the small blog - only from Pinterest and only with a few pins.

Here is another Google Analytics statistic:

The 78.3% social are only from Pinterest, as no other social media activityran.


This one pin alone brought 1235 blog visitors in about 3 months.


In the blog article Pinterest for bloggers, shows you how you can generate even more visitors for your blog through Pinterest: How to use Pinterest to attract more visitors.



13. External links

Link from your blog articles to external sites. Not indiscriminately, of course. The linked content must match your content, complement your content.

Sooner or later the blog owner will notice your link, stop by your blog and possibly link to you. His readers see that in turn and look into you too.




14. Use blog platforms

To draw attention to your blog and to promote your content, use free blog platforms. Medium, Blogger, and Tumblr are just a few examples.

Thats how it works:

Register with the platforms and create a blog.

Write a stripped down version of your blog article (not as detailed) or just publish parts of it and link to your full article on your blog.

This is how you attract one or the other visitor to your blog.



15. Freebies

By freebie, I don't mean the usual giveaway for collecting email addresses. In this case I actually mean a gift - without consideration.

Checklists & cheatsheets, eBooks, statistics, etc. are particularly suitable for generating traffic.

And this is how it works:

  • Create a PDF or a graphic
  • Include your url
  • Give away the good thing as a free download

Many who get their hands on your freebie via social media or otherwise will follow the link on your blog.

Here is our OnPage SEO Checklist 2018 as an example, which you can get yourself by the way ????




16. Infographics

Design infographics and incorporate them into your content. Infographics are happy to be shared and also used by other blog operators.

Provide a link to share and embed the graphic. See below this infographic.

The URL is clearly noted in a prominent place on the infographic. You can get them in the article OnPage SEO Checklist 2018.



17. More traffic through Q&A portals

Question and answer portals such as Quora, wikiHow, guteFrage, Yahoo Clever, are particularly suitable for presenting yourself as an expert and thus getting traffic to the blog.

This is how it works:

Register with the portals. Here on the example of Quora:

You can sign in to Quora using your email, Google Account, or Facebook account.


Learn more about how Quora works.

After you have completed the few steps of registration, you will be taken to your Quora homepage.


In the next step you enter your "keyword" in the question field. I entered "more visitors on blog" and immediately found the following questions:

  • I publish a blog on search engine marketing. What ideas (besides SEO) do you have to Make visitors aware of the blog?
  • What is the most effective way to promote blogs?
  • What is the best way the interaction with the readers on my website to fpromote?
  • How can you use the Get visibility of your blog without adsoe?
  • What is the best way to do it regularlyget naughty blog readers?
  • How can you achieve that your Blog thousands of visitors a day receives?
  • How do I make money from a blog?
  • Should Every Business Have a Blog? Why yes, why no?

We have already published blog articles for the last two questions.

These 9 Ways You Are Going To Make Money From Your Blog And These 10 Great Reasons To Start A Blog.

All you have to do in such a case: answer the question in detail - but not too extensively - with your expertise and draw attention to your blog article in which you answer the question in full.

Boom. Traffic.



18. Be controversial

Find an article that has been shared a lot on social media and take it apart.

Joking aside.

You don't have to take it apart. But you can illuminate one or the other aspect from a different perspective or even contradict it - if you have good arguments for it.

You can do this directly in the comments of the article or you can write a controversial blog article and then link it in the comments on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Co.

How do you find articles that get shared often?

With buzzsumo.

Here's what Buzzsumo promises:


The online tool is chargeable, but worth every penny. You can try the 7 days Free Trail.



19. Write long posts

Why do long posts and articles bring more visitors to the blog?

Because they are shared more often and therefore have a greater reach. The more people see your blog content, the greater the chance that they will visit your blog.

Here is a graphic by Neil Patel:

Neil Patel has this graphic in his blog post Why blog postsae with 3000+ Wlocators generate more traffic (a data-controlledanswer) verpublic.


20. Write an honest email once a month to a blogger who you really like (and also tell them why you like them)

Just write an email to other bloggers that you really like. Above all, write why you like them. Bloggers, entrepreneurs and web administrators are usually very open to communication.

And let's be honest, who doesn't appreciate praise? You build a relationship with them and often this results in joint projects that result in visitors to your blog.



21. Mention another website, entrepreneur, or blog in your blog articles once a month

Mention and link other bloggers in your articles. Following the law of reciprocity, in many cases they will also mention or link you and your blog. Take a look at Mark Maslow from MarathonFitness at this point. A blog that I really enjoy reading and a podcast that I enjoy listening to.



22. Write a newsletter once a month

Write a newsletter to your subscribers once a month. What do you need for that? An email marketing tool, I use GetResponse. But MailChimp is also a good recommendation.

Here's a guide: How to write successful newsletters that will be read.

Uuuund collect email subscribers. You can find out how to get your first 100 subscribers in a blog article by chimpify.In another article he describes how you can get your first 10,000 visitors without much effort



23. Other ways to drive traffic to the blog

  • Your blog address
    • Visiting card
    • Email signature
    • Flyers
    • Etc.

Don't have a blog yet? Then you should change that. There are many good reasons to start a blog.

You don't know how - then I'll show you how to start a blog here.

And here you will find instructions on how to write blog articles - 10 times better and twice as fast.