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About Us: The pandoo founding story

We introduce you to our individual pandoo team members in the About Us blog series. Today we want to tell you how the story of pandoo began, who our founders are and what our first product was.

How it all started at pandoo

The idea for sustainable alternatives to environmentally harmful everyday products as well as single-use products, and thus pandoo, came to our managing director Salvatore Decker on his travels around the world. Fascinated by the rainforests and breathtaking landscapes, he realized that a lot has to change in the behavior of our current consumer society:

“During many trips and with my passion for diving, I was able to see how the beaches, the ocean and the landscapes are becoming more and more polluted by us humans.Centuries-old forests, which play a key role in current climate change, are being cleared and used to make short-lived paper products. In order to counteract this irresponsible use of our valuable, natural resources, I have decided to change something. "

The idea

So what to do when humanity consumes more resources than the earth can provide? Exactly, looking for more sustainable solutions. An alternative product should be made from rapidly growing resources and help to switch to a sustainable lifestyle in everyday life. The first pandoo product was born out of this thought: the kitchen roll. The conventional one is in almost every household and causes a lot of waste. So why not design a washable and therefore reusable alternative? Said and done. First, the pandoo kitchen roll was sold as a pilot project by our founder Salva. When he noticed that there was increasing interest in this product and thus sustainable alternatives, he took courage and founded pandoo. Find out more about our founding panda in the blog article: "Salva - the panda that started it all"

And what happened next?

Because you can achieve more together, Salva brought his two friends Sebi and Chris on board as additional top pandas and the three of them have been running pandoo together since 2017. Thanks to their previous work experience, all three have different expertise and accordingly bring with them different perspectives. But our three founding pandas have one thing in common: Together with their work, they want to make the world a little greener and more sustainable every day.

In our blog articles: "Sebi - the all-rounder among the Oberpandas", "Chris - our" Finanz-Oberpanda ", Sebi and Chris talk about the topic of sustainability.

A lot has happened since it was founded in 2017. pandoo has grown steadily and has expanded its range to over 30 products. The startup started out as an e-commerce company and can now also be found in stationary retail. Since February 2018, pandoo's everyday helpers have been available, e.g. at Alnatura and Edeka, as well as various unpackaged shops.

About finding a name and our pandoo mission

While searching for a sustainable raw material, Salva came across bamboo. Because bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and is therefore a more ecological alternative to plastic. And because pandas are our favorite animals and love bamboo, there was a creative cross between “panda” and “bamboo” = “pandoo”.

Since sustainability is a long, not easy path and we have decided to go with full Panda Power, we are constantly looking for even more environmentally friendly solutions and raw materials. Because our mission at pandoo is to reduce pollution and deforestation. That is why we have our own seals:

  • Reusable
  • Plastic free
  • Wood free

We also evaluate our products regularly, because pandoo not only stands for sustainable management in the ecological sense, but also for quality. In order to face additional external controls, some of our products are TÜV and FSC certified. In addition, we work with ClimatePartner to offset the emissions generated during transport and production. Occupational safety and thus social sustainability is also a very important point for us and that is why we are also certified with the BSCI occupational safety seal.

With regard to the choice of raw materials, we at pandoo always want to develop further. Because the grass is definitely an ingenious material, but there are often more sustainable alternatives in other areas. For example, stainless steel is a more ecological or sensible choice of material for drinking bottles than bamboo.

All's well that ends well?

The pandoo family continues to grow with pandas and # everyday heroes and we are far from the end. Because together with you we can make a difference! Are you there? On our pandoo blog you can find out more about our panda team and find out all about sustainability.