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In Australia, an Airbus A330 operated by the Australian airline Qantas landed in Learmonth after an "incident". The police in Western Australia said 36 people were injured, some seriously.

dpa, AFP, airliners.de October 7, 2008, 2:04 p.m.
At least 36 people were injured in a dramatic incident on board an Australian airliner. According to the airline Qantas and the aviation safety authority, they suffered broken bones, cuts and grazes on Tuesday when the Airbus A330-300 abruptly changed flight altitude on the flight between Singapore and Perth for an initially unexplained cause.

The machine with 313 people on board was on its way from Singapore to Perth in Western Australia with flight number QF72 when it got into severe turbulence, local media reported. The machine then had to make an emergency landing on a Learmonth air base near Exmouth in western Australia.

According to the Australian aviation safety authority ATSB, around 30 occupants were injured, 15 of them suffered serious injuries such as broken bones, lacerations or cuts and were admitted to the Exmouth hospital. The agency started an investigation.

The airline was initially unable to provide any information about the exact course of the accident. There are various statements about the "sudden change in altitude". Qantas could not say whether the machine suddenly sagged or climbed. Turbulence is considered the most likely cause, but according to Qantas it is also being determined in other directions.