What is more important career or personal life

About the right priorities: first life, then work

What does not fit is made to fit. The tailor of alterations earns his daily bread under this motto. But where the saying should never appear: as an answer to the question of whether one's own job can be reconciled with life. Because if you have to bend over to get everything under one roof, you will fail. That much is certain.



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Three things, one life

There is talk of compatibility everywhere these days. More precisely: the compatibility of family and work. But even the formulation is not ideally chosen. Because this suggests that there are two separate areas in life: family and work.

Family and work: two that are fun, but not always. And so at least three aspects should be reconciled - namely family, work and your own interests and needs. Aka some healthy egoism. Because only if the three aspects are guaranteed will employees remain motivated and tackle the job with a big grin every day.

Private fulfillment is becoming more and more important

We are well organized, at work and at home. We are disciplined. We want everything to work out. So it works ... somehow ...?

It takes a lot to transform this uncertain suffix into a bold exclamation mark. But above all: exemplary employers who meet the wishes of their employees.

Younger employees are already paying more attention to the flexible relationship between private and professional life. A kununu analysis, based on 55,360 search queries, shows which offers and options are most relevant for job seekers today: company cars, smartphones or bonuses are becoming increasingly insignificant. What matters more is whether the job can be reconciled with personal interests and needs. Specifically, this means that flexible working hours (51 percent) and home office options (33 percent) are the most popular.

Employee wish: less attendance

Go an hour earlier or spend a day in the home office - it's the little things that save us a lot of unnecessary stress and enable us to better integrate work into everyday life. With these two benefits, a doctor's appointment does not turn into an organizational marathon and for the craftsman who wants to take various measurements "in the course of the afternoon", no vacation day has to be sacrificed.

More of it, please: Four paws in the office

Named after flexible working hours and home office and thus in third place of the employee wishes: to bring their own dog to work (26 percent). This also shows that family does not just mean father, mother, child.

And so it is good that more and more companies are getting the hell out of it. Even today, four-legged friends are no longer an exception in more and more offices. There are good reasons for this, because according to numerous studies, furry friends increase productivity, well-being and keep fit. Here we reveal in which offices dogs can be found naturally.

Employers have to adapt

Only then do classic status symbols and benefits follow, including the company car, pension plan and canteen meals. This also means: In the future, fewer and fewer companies will be able to afford to ignore the needs of their employees. Employers have to create appropriate framework conditions so that the balance between family, work and personal needs works well. Because that is exactly what makes companies attractive to job seekers.

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