How can I view police reports online

to file charges

Make a testimony

When you file a complaint, you will usually be questioned as a witness. Your statement is important in order to clear up the crime and to identify or convict the perpetrator.

How does a witness hearing at the police work?
At the beginning you always provide your full personal details. In exceptional cases (see address data protection 5.1) you can provide an alternative address through which you can be reached. This can be B. Your job, a victim support facility or a law firm.

You will then be instructed about your rights and obligations in connection with the interrogation. The police are obliged to do this before any interrogation. You must z. B. point out the consequences of an incorrect or incomplete statement. She also advises you that you do not have to incriminate yourself or a close relative with your testimony.

You will then be asked to describe your knowledge of the facts in a coherent manner. You may be asked additional questions, such as: B. According to the effects the deed had on you.

The police are logging everything as you report it. At the end you will be given the opportunity to read everything through carefully again. You can also have it read out on request. If the text corresponds to your perceptions, sign the interrogation and your previous instruction.

Even if you have already made a statement when reporting the complaint, further interrogations may be necessary later.

In addition, you will be informed about your special victim rights.

The police may, under certain circumstances, record your testimony on video.