Can you write a poem about yourself

Write a poem

Find a topic that inspires you

You're supposed to write a poem in English, but what about?

If you're unhappily in love right now, you may want to write a love poem. Or do you prefer one about your friends at school?

Everything is allowed when writing poems, as long as the content is directly related to you and you can get excited about it.

Finding words: brainstorming

And how can you find the "right" words for your poem?

Often it is enough to just one brainstorming to do, that is, to write down a word and to write down all the words that come to mind.

A brainstorming works well when you have to write an English poem. You can use this technique to collect words that you want to use.

When you write a poem, there are no right and wrong words. All the words you want to use are correct!

Structure words: mind map

Or you can just create a mind map to find words for your poem. The difference to brainstorming is that you are more structured.

A mind map for a poem about nature could look like this:

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Which style do you choose?

Free verse

You don't necessarily need the rhyme form for a poem. You can also write it without rhymes if you want. Then it reads like a text (prose) and still tells a story. But everything is much "denser" - hence "Ge-dense".


Or you can choose the rhyme form that many musicians and songwriters also choose. Because the rhymes at the end of the line are particularly emphasized and are therefore easy to memorize in the listener, for example:

I came to L.A.
to say it's okay
to sleep in the hay
and dream about Ray.

Here rhyme L.A., okay, hay and Ray and will therefore linger on for a long time with the listener.

Words that sound the same

List of rhymes

So how do you find words that rhyme?

It's easy: make a list of words that rhyme. Take another look at the words in your brainstorming session or mind map. Can you still add words?

Put the list next to your computer or writing pad if you like. As soon as you have the first ideas, you can fall back on the words on the list.

Here are a few words as an example. Can you find more on each couple that rhyme with this?


Words that sound the same

Rhyming words in groups of words

It's also a good idea to divide words that rhyme into groups of words.

Here's a simple way to find the right word for you:

  • Words that like dream sound: cream, seem, beam, team
  • Words that like make sound: steak, take, fake, snake, lake

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  • interactive exercises
    and tests
  • individual classwork trainer
  • Learning manager

Stylistic devices

Which stylistic devices can you still use?

You should know these stylistic devices. Try to use them in your poems too:

  1. alliteration (Words that begin with the same letter or sound)
    wild winds, silent sea
  2. anaphora (Repetition of words at the beginning of a sentence)
    In every cry of every man, In every infant’s cry of fear ...
  3. simile (a direct comparison made with as or Like is initiated)
    He is strong as a lion. Her eyes are like two stars.
  4. repetitions (Repetitions)
    We are young, we are free.
  5. metaphor (an indirect comparison)
    the heartbeat of the town
  6. symbol (an object or a person who stands for an idea)
    heart = love