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Princess Margaret (†): Her great love Peter Townsend marries her lookalike

The love between Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend failed in the 1950s due to opposition from church and government. Townsend found new happiness in Marie-Luce Jamagne. It was noticeable how similar she looked to Princess Margaret

The story of Princess Margaret († 71) and Peter Townsend († 80) is a tragic chapter in the history of the British royals.

Princess Margaret: This love had no happy ending

Princess Margaret met her dream man at the tender age of 14. The former "Royal Air Force" pilot Peter Townsend, then almost 16 years older than her, becomes her father's stable master in 1944, King George VI. involved. About seven years after meeting, Townsend is said to have reported it himself, according to the British media, a romantic relationship develops between him and the princess. The problem: Townsend is married at this point and has two sons. Even when he got divorced in 1952 and asked Margaret for her hand, a happy ending for the couple was a long way off.

These days, the church and government do not provide for a divorced person to marry again. Ironically, Queen Elizabeth, Margaret's sister, as head of the Church of England, has to refuse what Margaret wants most. With her permission, there will be no wedding! In 1955 Margaret finally announced the separation from Peter Townsend.

Peter Townsend married "Margaret 2"

After the separation, life goes on for both of them: Margaret meets the photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, later Lord Snowden, at a dinner party in 1958. In October 1959 they got engaged; on May 6, 1960 the wedding took place at Westminster Abbey. The couple have two children, David (November 3, 1961) and Sarah (May 1, 1964).

Townsend also found new happiness: in 1959 he married the Belgian Marie-Luce Jamagne. With her, the former Royal Air Force pilot remains true to his female type: Jamagne is not only significantly younger than him, namely 25 years, but also looks very much like his great love Margaret. The two have a daughter, Isabelle

While Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones announced their separation in March 1976, Townsend remained married to Marie-Luce Jamagne until his death in 1995.

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