Is Hungary a good place for immigrants

Hungary closes borders for foreigners

Then only Hungarian citizens are allowed to enter, foreigners have to give a valid reason, as the government announced in Budapest. Most of the new infections in the country were found due to infections abroad, said the head of the State Chancellery of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Gergely Gulyas, the measure. With the border closure, the risk of the introduction of the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen should be minimized. The order should initially apply for one month.

Stricter entry rules also apply to returning Hungarian citizens. You have to be in quarantine for 14 days. The quarantine will only be lifted if you can present two negative corona tests that were made two days apart.

The tightened measures are intended to ensure the safety of the elderly, who are particularly at risk, said Gulyas. But the domestic economy should also be protected and the school start planned for September 1 should be secured.

Derogations for the UEFA Supercup?

Despite the border closure, the UEFA Supercup football between Champions League winners Bayern Munich and Europa League winners FC Sevilla is set to take place on September 24th in the Puskas Arena in Budapest. According to Gulyas, the plan is to let 3000 fans from Bayern and Seville each into the stadium.

However, these are only allowed to enter the country by plane if they have two current negative corona tests. Before the game, they would take buses directly to the stadium and after the game back to the airport the same way, said the minister. A final decision by the government is still pending. Negotiations are in progress with UEFA.

According to official figures, Hungary has so far been relatively spared the Corona crisis. The authorities have reported around 5,500 infections and around 600 deaths so far. It is currently mandatory to wear a mask in closed public spaces with the exception of restaurants. There are also distance rules.

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