How difficult is it to get enlightenment

To be enlightened

There is no conceivable hurdle to prevent any person from expanding into enlightenment. If we really want that, nothing can stop us. To become enlightened, know that there are no special virtues to attain. Just stay aware. The practice of expanding our conscious state cannot give us the power to control the material world. However, it gives us the power to be absolutely free from the material world. To be enlightened is not a special state of mind; it is the freedom of the mind and heart from all clinging that leads to heightened awareness of all human experiences without the perception of an identity separate from the world around us. While this may seem difficult, it is possible through practice and training of the mind. Let go and let it happen. Just as worldly attainments are difficult - but possible -, enlightenment in the light of the mind may appear difficult - but possible. Our human intelligence is of little use to us if we simply become cosmic consciousness. It does so little by little and there are as many ways of measuring your progress as there are beings on this path.

If you cannot find enlightenment where you are, where do you expect to wander in search of it?

Many people feel that they have to suffer in order to gain liberation. This doesn't have to be the case. We all belong in this universe, the universe doesn't care whether we suffer or not. We are our own key to absolute freedom. And there are as many paths to perfect enlightenment as there are beings in the universe. When we become conscious we expand, when we turn away from consciousness we contract. In addition, reality will always prove to us that we cannot move against its self-regulating laws. Each of us is free to choose the kind of "reality" we want to experience, no one can break the rules. Every being in creation has the same freedom of choice.

Some of us have preached the dogmatic certainty of a particular path. But in the end, enlightenment is there, and how you get there isn't as important as getting there.

Obviously, there is no step-by-step "guide" to the correct path for each and every time. External events are not as important as your reaction to them.

The more afraid you are, the more there will be to be afraid of, especially fear of fear or fear. Originally, fear is a justified warning of possible harm. This is an essential mode of "expansion" and "contraction"; if you explore your life you will find many others. To find enlightenment, we just have to accept the daily rhythms of expanding and contracting. Each of us has complete freedom of choice, you already know this.

Consciousness is real, as real as we are. Whatever we have done to withdraw from cosmic consciousness (which is a source of everything - or whatever you want to call it), we are starting now. We all come from the same place, we all go back to the same place.

I hope you find some simple mindsets here to help you along the way.