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Test runner's report Stefan Vetter about the 15th Stuttgart newspaper run

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All that's missing is the full marathon

And again it was really warm, if not to say hot, at the 15th Stuttgart newspaper run on June 21st and 22nd, 2008.

With us the whole family, Henri 6 years old, Franka 10 years old, Julius 12 years old, Simone 40 years old and Stefan 42 years old, were actively involved in the events in Stuttgart.

This event advances into new dimensions every year; the number of participants is slowly but surely moving into the region of 30,000. The stadium speakers are already hoping to achieve the same number of participants as in the Berlin Marathon, although this seems a bit too high and it is even questionable whether this is desirable.

As in previous years, the organization was essentially smooth, although I was asked by friends of my runners to at least mention the following points. On the one hand, the event T-shirts for children in the small sizes were out after a short time, so that six-year-olds only received T-shirts in size 164. This is incomprehensible since the size of the clothing had to be specified in the pre-registrations. On the other hand, and this is probably the more important point of criticism, the number of water cups at the half marathon was not sufficient, especially for the runners who finished with a time of 2:15 or more, so that cups are picked up from the route had to. Fortunately, I didn't have to make this experience personally, as there were still enough cups for the faster runners. Nevertheless, this should not happen, especially at the high temperatures.

Even at the children's runs on Saturday it was very warm and a bit chaotic overall, which was certainly due to the high number of participants. By the time everyone knew when and where to start, even the people accompanying them had already done a bit without having run themselves. My two youngest were on the 1 km route (Henri) and the 2 km route (Franka). They both enjoyed the run and the run into the stadium and the beautiful medal made the heat forgotten.

On Sunday it was a bit warmer. The start of the half marathon, originally set at 9 a.m., was delayed by almost half an hour. This was already the case last year and is a bit annoying, as many starters had to stand in the blazing sun.

The new route, which now leads to downtown Stuttgart, is really well laid out for the first 10 kilometers, past the train station, Schlossplatz, Rathausplatz, etc. A few more spectators in the city would be nice, but here, too, the high temperatures probably have to be taken into account, which invited more to a visit to the outdoor pool than to cheering the runners. The two short climbs towards Villa Berg were manageable, overall it seems to me to be a little more altitude compared to the old course, but as I said, overall certainly not a problem. The route through the industrial area in the Wangen district was a bit tough, but the spectators in Bad Cannstatt were all the more motivating. Incomparable as in previous years is the entrance to the stadium and according to the information it should stay that way even after the stadium renovation, which would be really desirable. The atmosphere in the stadium is something very special. All in all, it was a nice run for me, even with the time I was not dissatisfied with the heat (1:38:30), although I personally prefer the natural runs.

My wife and oldest son, who completed the 8.2 km run, also made it to the stadium successfully. Due to the delay in the start of the half marathon, this start was also delayed, so that the run did not start until noon.

Great weather, great event, the only thing missing is the full marathon. Perhaps Stuttgart will be able to bring its own way to actually keep up with the major German marathon events.

Test runner's report Herbert Hollauer about the 15th Stuttgart newspaper run

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Heat battle on new paths

This year, the 15th Stuttgarter Zeitung-Lauf took place on a new route for the first time. This route was new to me anyway, as it was my first time taking part in the half marathon in the Swabian metropolis.
Unfortunately, the participant information with the pick-up slip for the starting documents and the free VVS ticket did not reach me in Munich until the day before the race. The search for a locally conveniently located P + R parking garage was a bit tedious because it was not local, but all the other information was very useful and detailed.

After finally getting there without any problems, the very long march from the Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion to the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle was enough to warm up. The handing out of the starting documents and the T-shirts went very quickly. At the same time, a running fair was held in the hall.
The starting line-up behind the hall on Benzstrasse took place in 4 colored areas depending on the specified running time. It was not possible to change to another block. With the help of the colored start number, marshals could easily check that everyone was standing where they belong.

Before the start, the clothes bag had to be handed in. Fortunately, the long line in front of the parking garage progressed very quickly, so that I got to my start area on time for the start at 9 a.m. Unfortunately, this punctuality was of no use: as the route had not yet been released, my start group started about 25 minutes later. Here it would be very nice if the organizer would work towards a timely release of the route and thus the start next time. Waiting in the blazing sun at over 30 ° C in the shade made us sweat even while standing.
The start was staggered, first the red group started, 3 minutes later the green group, then yellow and blue. A new experience for me, but this strategy turned out to be very successful, as it quickly equalized the field at an early stage.
The route led almost exclusively on roads along the palace park to downtown Stuttgart, with the route rising slightly up to around km 10. The route was chosen very well and sightseeing was not necessary after the run.
Every 5 or 2.5 km there were refreshment stations with water, enough water tubs for the sponges and occasionally a refreshment from an improvised shower, which was very welcome at these temperatures. The Stuttgart audience cheered the runners on very enthusiastically and lined the roadsides. The countless bands and drum groups gave us special motivation.
With the high temperature, every kilometer you ran seemed twice as long, but at last you reached the Gottlieb Daimler Stadium. The entrance to the stadium with around 15,000 enthusiastic spectators was once again a special highlight. Paramedics stood by in a row with their stretchers in order to be able to transport and care for weakened runners. Due to the heat, they were not granted a quiet job that day
After crossing the finish line, the medal handover in the curve and on the back straight the water supply points for the dehydrated runners. The banana man peeled the bananas individually for each runner, which occasionally led to waiting times due to the crowd. Outside the stadium there are various fruit drinks, yoghurt drinks, apple slices and watermelons.
The collection of the garment bags was very quick and the instant certificate printing was also super quick.
After the run, a stroll through the folk festival-like promenade, where many sponsors presented themselves.

You can tell that the people of Stuttgart already have a lot of experience for running events of this size. Had it not been for the long delayed start, the run would have been perfect.

Herbert Hollauer

Test runner's report Johannes Winkler about the 15th Stuttgart newspaper run

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Heat record (?) And record number of participants (!)

Tropical temperatures around 33 degrees and still more than 23,600 runners, walkers, inline skaters, wheelchair and handbike riders at the finish line on two days. Jürgen Scholz, the president of the organizing organizer WLV (Württembergischer Leichtathletik-Verband), assumes a total of 180,000 people who were around the Daimler stadium on Saturday and Sunday. Some to take part in one of the 8 competitions, and the other to cheer and cheer. In the half marathon itself, almost 12,396 runners crossed the finish line. 15,000 were registered, so many of them did not start because of the announced heat.
A total of more than 21,000 voluntary helpers with the distribution of the start numbers, as marshals, at the drinks stations, in the stadium, with the distribution of medals ensured that this major event ran almost smoothly. However, a half-hour delay at the start (probably caused by many cars parked on the route that had to be towed) caused a lot of displeasure among the runners. Starting half an hour earlier or later in this case is bad at these temperatures. From km 5 water points were set up every 2.5 km, and the fire brigade was always active with hoses and provided a short cooling off. At the finish, i.e. inside the stadium, there was water, the larger catering offer was then outside the stadium in the area of ​​the Untertürkheimer bend with drinks and lots of fruit. The distances to the start and finish are short. Starting number distribution, clothes storage, showers and changing rooms, everything is close together.
The half marathon celebrated a premiere in terms of routing. The half marathon begins (as before) on Benzstraße, then leads over Cannstatter Straße / B 14 to Stuttgart-Mitte. It goes past the train station, to Schloßplatz, to the town hall, past the New Palace, the State Theater and the State Gallery, up towards the Villa Berg to Stuttgart-Ost and back down to Stuttgart-Wangen, Untertürkheim and from there back to Bad Cannstatt Aim. So past all the sights of the city of Stuttgart. There are two climbs to be mastered that should not be underestimated: At kilometer 8/9 (up Urbanstraße towards Kernerplatz) and at kilometer 11 (Villa Berg) it goes uphill and on pavement as well. One characteristic feature, however, was not changed: the finish in the Gottlieb Daimler Stadium. I found the route beautiful, especially varied. Only the section between km 11.5 and 14 in blazing sun seemed to me forever and didn't want to end. Otherwise there were always a few shady sections, luckily my fear of having to run the entire route in the blazing sun had not come true.
A big party was announced on Mercedesstrasse in front of the Schleyer-Halle. There were many sponsor booths for the run. There was also a socket and a large show stage with a lot of music and entertainment on both days. A runners fair took place in the Schleyer-Halle. Various drum groups, eight cheerleading teams, big bands and Guggen musicians created a good atmosphere along the route. In addition, of course, many spectators, especially in the city center. Although, in my opinion, there was a lack of spectators overall. Perhaps the news that the route now goes through the city center has to get around first. Next year it can look very different. The arrival at the Daimler Stadium is extremely motivating and allows the last of your strength to be released.

Many thanks to running pur for the starting place. And many greetings to all followers from LT Mössingen.
Best wishes
Johannes Winkler

Test runner's report Armin Schweinbeck about the 15th Stuttgart newspaper run

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Record participation with almost inhuman runner temperatures

This time the Stuttgart newspaper run took place for the 15th time. In total, more than 29,000 running enthusiasts from very young to old runners were registered for the individual competitions. More than 15,000 registrations were received for the LBS half marathon alone. This means that Stuttgart is still the second largest half marathon in Germany after the Berlin half marathon. Due to the size of the event, the races for the youngsters (inline skiers, running and handbikers) have already been held on Saturday for two years. Over 7000 kids in different age groups took part in the mini marathon. The remaining participants were divided into the AOK inline run for adults and kids, the SV run over 8.2 km and walking and Nordic walking. With the exception of the inline skates, the goal for all other competitions is (hopefully also in the future) in the Gottlieb Daimler Stadium.
I myself took part in the LBS half marathon for the fifth time in a row and again accepted the long journey of 200 km. My trip to Stuttgart began on Saturday around noon. After my arrival, I immediately went to the event area around the Gottlieb Daimler Stadium. What bothers me a lot here is the completely exaggerated parking fee of € 5. For runners from the Stuttgart area it is easy to use public transport, but most foreigners will probably not have much choice but to bite into the sour apple due to their lack of local knowledge. At least on Saturday I was able to save this fee and parked about 1 km from the stadium in a free parking lot. On the day of the event itself, I had no other option than to shell out the € 5.
If you had studied the starter information that was sent to you beforehand, you had no major problems with picking up the starting documents, the rental chip and the T-shirt purchased with the entry fee in the Schleyerhalle. The hall also hosted the compulsory runners' fair.
The starting documents also included a voucher for the Bürger Maultaschen with potato salad and a non-alcoholic wheat beer. So I went to the event area to strengthen myself right away. Good live music could be heard on the event stage, which was also used for the award ceremony for the age groups on Sunday. Stand after stand lined up on Mercedesstraße with a rich program of various sponsors for young and old.
On Sunday morning I arrived at the start area around 8:00 a.m. Even at that time it was really very hot. There were enough Dixie toilets in the start area and the location of the respective starting block (red, green, yellow and blue) was very well marked by balloons. Already at this point it was announced over the loudspeaker that there would be a start delay of around 15 minutes. Ultimately, the start was then around 9.25. Many runners, especially in the back starting blocks, stood in their starting blocks for almost 1 hour at almost 30 degrees, sometimes lined up in the blazing sun. There was also a significant start delay last year. The organizer should urgently work on this.
This time there was a new route for the first time, which led past the sights of the city of Stuttgart. So we walked past Schloßplatz and Rathhausplatz, among other places. Since I was very busy with myself due to the heat, I have a hard time assessing whether there were significantly more spectators on the track than in previous years. But a lot of people on this day of the walk probably led more to the outdoor pool than to the running track, which I can well understand. Overall, I have to say that the route is interesting, but sometimes very angular. At about 10 km there is also a longer ascent, which is of course not easy at 33 degrees Celsius. The highlight, however, is still the finish in the Gottlieb Daimler Stadium.
The runners were musically supported on the route by a large number of music bands on their difficult path. I could also see several cheerleading groups which also supported the athletes.
The many refreshment stations on the route should also not go unmentioned. From kilometer 5, there was such a station every 2.5 km, where you had to / could take in as much water as possible. In addition, there was also several opportunities to refresh yourself with cold water on the route, which was sprayed through water hoses as a kind of shower by both the fire brigade and private people.Unfortunately, a lot of start numbers were affected and the safety pins tore off. Here the organizer should try to get better quality material that can withstand a certain degree of moisture.
Due to the heat, I personally decided right from the start not to go to my limit here. I crossed the finish line with a time of 1:42:34 and was 10 minutes slower than usual and even 16 minutes above my best time from last year in Dresden. But you have to know what you want to expose your body to on days like this. I also noticed that the pacemaker for the 1:30 hour must have had problems with the extreme heat, because it stayed more than 3 minutes over the target time.
After crossing the finish line, there was still the well-deserved finisher medal in the stadium. The target catering was plentiful. In addition to water, the range on offer also included fruit juices and yoghurt drinks as well as various types of fruit.
A few shower tents were set up for showering in order to give every runner an opportunity for personal hygiene. Ultimately, there were instant certificates in the Schleyerhalle very quickly, so that one could correctly assess one's performance in view of the heat.
The Stuttgart Zeitlauf is one of the largest running events in Germany and therefore exactly the kind of run that I personally enjoy, as I take part in such major events across Germany. Anyone who loves the spectacle and for whom the support of the spectators at the edge of the track is important is warmly recommended to take part in the Stuttgarter Zeitunglauf.
The entire organization is by and large very good for such a mega-event. For my part, I will certainly be running again in Stuttgart next year, with the temperatures hopefully lower.

With best regards and thanks for taking over the entry fee

Schweinbeck Armin

Test runner's report Bernd Steiner about the 15th Stuttgart newspaper run

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Inferior to the heat

First of all, I would like to dedicate my first sentence in this report to running pure, which made it possible for me to take part in this amazing event. Many Thanks.
And I really mean that by “crazy event”. Since I had already arrived on Saturday, I picked up my starting documents right away in the Hans-Martin-Schleyer-Halle. Since I had a relatively high starting number, I was able to receive my documents without waiting. Those with the lower numbers had waiting times of half an hour and one or the other was allowed to stand in one of the long lines while reading the chip. Then on Sunday the big day. I was also lucky enough to be part of the first Stuttgart newspaper run on the new route. Like many others, I warmed up on the lower deck of the parking garage next to the Porsche Arena. Warming up a few laps, stretching, phew, I was already starting to sweat. Shortly before nine o'clock, I was already in the block assigned to me, the message came that the start had to be postponed due to an accident on the track and cars that were being towed away. Almost half an hour later, we were all standing in the middle of the sun, then the starting gun was released. Because of the high number of participants, it was not at all possible for me to find a rhythm at the beginning. But after the first few kilometers it worked. Numerous groups and clubs were represented along the beautiful route that motivated the runners with music or other interludes. Meanwhile, the temperature rose to over 30 degrees. After 10 kilometers I actually still had a very good feeling about my target time of about 1:30 hours. But kilometer by kilometer, I realized that the high temperatures would not allow this. Despite constant hydration (small minus: there was only tap water, iso at kilometers 10 and 17, but no apples or bananas or anything else that could contain minerals), there were enough drinks outlets, so I noticed that my circulation wasn't working. So there was only one thing left to do: slow down and the main thing was to arrive. So I was able to enjoy the rest of the route, which went through the beautiful castle park and Königstraße, among other things. Again and again I saw participants who stopped and ended the run. After 1:49 hours, the long-awaited entry into the Gottlieb Daimler Stadium. I just crossed the finish line, took the medal, took a cold shower from the water hose and then I sat down like hundreds of others on the stadium lawn. The body was empty and pumped out. The cycle went crazy. But we did it! Here too there was only lukewarm water to drink. Hundreds of runners had to be taken care of by the Red Cross, some with serious problems. So I was still happy to have survived the whole thing reasonably well. In the exit area there are other drinks such as apple spritzer. There were apples and bananas now too. Now only shower and then nothing like going home.
Kudos to the organizer and the many, many helpers on and off the track. Nobody can do anything for the high temperatures, but maybe it would make sense to offer Iso, Cola or even apple and banana slices at the beverage stations from time to time. I would have liked to have written more about the route myself, but my thoughts were only fixed on arriving. And if you consider that about 1000 runners had to stop, everyone who arrived safely can be happy. I hope I have the opportunity to be there again in Stuttgart and maybe write again about this "amazing event".

With sporty greetings
Bernd Steiner from Hilpoltstein