How will you service hand tools

Dipl.-Ing. Cornelia from Quistorp

Because hand tools work equipment i. S. d. Are subject to the tests provided there: "If work equipment is subject to influences which cause damage and which can lead to dangerous situations, the employer must use the work equipment in accordance with the deadlines determined in accordance with Section 3 (3) [ie in the context of a risk assessment] by qualified persons check and, if necessary, have them tested ".[1]

In practice, it is important to find a way to implement this test obligation without incurring unreasonable effort. Only in particularly sensitive areas, e.g. B. Ex-protection or ESD-protected areas (protection against electrostatic discharge), it may be necessary to record all hand tools individually and to document the test, because special requirements have to be met here. Otherwise it is advisable to document in the risk assessment or in the test directory for the company how it is ensured that only perfect hand tools are used. This can be B. happen by being held,

  • that the user is responsible for checking tools for proper condition before use and only using tools that are in perfect condition,
  • who is responsible for repairs or who may carry them out and where and how new tools are procured or issued,
  • that and by whom the entire tool equipment is checked at certain intervals or on fixed dates.

Maintenance and Care

With well-maintained tools, you can work better and, above all, more safely. Blunt blades on scissors, chisels or screwdrivers give poor work results and make the work tedious and stressful for the hands. Especially when high-quality tools have been purchased, they should be used as value-preserving as possible. The maintenance and care of tools, however, requires certain knowledge and sometimes also technical possibilities. Not every hardened blade can be reworked, and if so, it must be clear which grinding material and which sharpening angle is right.

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