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Usage examples for "paradigma" in German

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EnglishThis is a new one paradigm.volume_upmore_vert
So it sort of became one paradigm.volume_upmore_vert
Thirdly, it established a new economic one paradigm, the carbon-driven economy.volume_upmore_vert
We need a new one paradigm of caution and respect create volume_upmore_vert
And then there is the lower one, the jazz paradigm is called volume_upmore_vert
EnglishAnd that is paradigmthat we see in the whole universe
Then there is the tempting one paradigm "Enterprise-Economy" .volume_upmore_vert
German (laughter) (applause) Depending on the context, depending on the result, choose yours paradigm.volume_upmore_vert
So we hope that the Lisbon Summit will contribute to this, the present one paradigm change of women's employment volume_upmore_vert
We call this the biomimetic paradigm - copying nature in the laboratory volume_upmore_vert
EnglishWe are in the foreparadigm Days if you want to use Thomas Kuhn. Volume_upmore_vert
EnglishVery, very bad for business and companies and cities in our current one paradigm.volume_upmore_vert
EnglishThis 50-year-old model will be "paradigm of free choice "called.volume_upmore_vert
So, I thought to myself: This is my scientific one paradigm suggests something else volume_upmore_vert
And Moore's law wasn't the first paradigmwhich led to the exponential growth in computer technology volume_upmore_vert
Information technology develops in the form of S-curves, each with a different one paradigm represents volume_upmore_vert
When this comes to an end, we will be the sixth paradigm skip: three-dimensional, self-organizing molecular circuits.volume_upmore_vert
EnglishWe came to the fourth paradigm - transistors. And finally to integrated circuits. Volume_upmore_vert
EnglishAnd I believe this mythological paradigm made the Indian mathematicians discover the number "zero". volume_upmore_vert
EnglishThe new one paradigm Development cooperation emphasizes the partnership, in which the so-called helper is responsible for the attentive listener
EnglishAmsterdam has to be compared with Maastricht and not with any ideal paradigmAs colleague Corbeti just said. volume_upmore_vert
We're not just getting something for psoriasis, cancer and a whole range of things, we're changing all of that paradigm.volume_upmore_vert
It's not just about yesterday's failure, but also about the Maastricht crisis, that paradigm of the Europe of Markets.volume_upmore_vert
Incidentally, it is not the first time that a technological transition has taken place that has paradigm of society and economic organization changed. volume_upmore_vert
EnglishAn approach in which the absolute scientific evidence to the paradigm of the 21st volume_upmore_vert
Unfortunately, this is still typical of many African countries paradigm, and we don't really know how to deal with it. volume_upmore_vert
The goal cannot be that everything is for one paradigm subordinate to be conveyed from Seattle to the rest of the world. volume_upmore_vert
Before, the principle of unity was the dominant one paradigm: The fact that if anything happened on the planet in the past, there are present events to explain it. Volume_upmore_vert
EnglishThere are different paradigms. Volume_upmore_vert
Habits, certainties, beliefs, exclamation marks, paradigms, dogmas.volume_upmore_vert
I think it has to be true, because we've had two Hollywood blockbusters since then and this one paradigm completely changed the way we geologists think about disasters from 1980 to about 2000. volume_upmore_vert
EnglishAnd so here I have what I call paradigms volume_upmore_vert
A third aspect of this new paradigm, which I would particularly like to point out, concerns policy-making. Volume_upmore_vert
EnglishBecause of the unfinished impression of the paradigm, there is a tendency towards longer cuts.volume_upmore_vert
EnglishThey have a savagery and a freedom that I believe is the foundation of a new paradigm. Volume_upmore_vert
EnglishYou have heard this word a few times in the past few days, and everyone is familiar with Kuhn's paradigms. Volume_upmore_vert
In fact, we are in a phase in which a transformative change is necessary that opens the window for innovation, for new ideas and new paradigms