How I control my ego

Transcend ego: Let go of the ego with these 5 steps

In this article, I'll talk about how you Transcend your ego a little more in 5 easy steps can. The ego is an illusory thought construct which influences and controls us in a negative way and, above all, prevents us from being happy. To counter this, I introduce you to the five deadly enemies of your ego in this video. This should serve that you learn to withdraw this power of control from your ego and that you can discover your inner truth and overcome your ego.

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1. The ego doesn't like silence at all

We are almost always surrounded by noise. Music, the noise of the traffic and many other noises are our daily companions. This also applies to our uninterrupted stream of thoughts. So real silence is an absolute rarity that we can only encounter if we actively try to do so. Your ego continually tries to break the stillness resting within you and to make you uneasy by preoccupying you with the supply of thoughts. SO it fights against the silence. If you want to assert yourself against your ego, you have to actively confront yourself with the silence.

2. Feeling feelings robs the ego of its basis for existence

Deep feelings such as existential fear, anger, sadness etc. support our ego in exercising its power over us. The ego tries to feed them by constantly sending them thoughts. Instead of facing and resolving such emotional conflicts, the ego constantly maintains them. However, you will never find your inner peace in this way. Therefore, my tip to you is to feel out your feelings and let them go, so stop thinking about the conflicts that occupy you internally. Only then can you transcend your ego and find your true self.

3. Transcending ego means letting go

This is about the art of letting go inside and about being in harmony with life inside. Do not try to control your life down to the smallest detail. This also includes accepting it for the time being, sometimes contrary to your own ideas. In the next step you can change your life and follow your intuition. So if you want to let go of your ego, it means relinquishing control of things that you don't really want to control. Free yourself from social constraints and worry less about what others think of you. This will also improve your quality of life.

4. Ego structures melt in intimacy

The ego is often defined by roles and is reluctant to allow deeper interpersonal bonds, let alone vulnerability. Only when you dedicate yourself to intimacy and become aware of the entirety of your feelings, including negative emotions such as inferiority, pain, sadness or shame, will you overcome your ego. The key to this is first intimacy with yourself and then intimacy between you and other people. For example, just dare to look someone in the eye or share your feelings and see what happens.

5. Love as the opposite of the ego

Love is what we humans all have in common. We are all love. However, as long as other, negative feelings such as pain overshadow the love in us that we have not allowed and processed, the ego still has the upper hand over the love resting in us. If you can manage to feel these other emotions, you can transcend your ego and you can open yourself to love.

If you face these five points and approach them, it can change your whole life and increase your quality of life enormously. Defend yourself against the impulses of the ego and discover the newfound lightness in your life. So all you have to do is let go of your ego and get involved in this alternative way of life.

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