Can an autistic person become an EMT

Comprehensive communication intervention for minimally verbal children with autism

Arm group

Etiquette: Intervention JEP

Type: Experimental

Description: A mix of JASP-EMT using SGDs with intervention to parent training and additional DTT to instill receptive language, imitation, and collective attention when children lack these skills upon entry. The comprehensive communication intervention: (a) teaches basic social communication behavior, (b) related skills that predict long-term speech outcomes, (c) a range of communication functions, (d) spoken language skills, (e) teaches children an immediate mode of communication (f) includes Teaching methods, contexts and partners that improve both critical language skills and social language use. Because parents are essential partners for toddlers with ASD learning to communicate, we include (g) parents

Etiquette: business as a usual control group

Type: No intervention

Description: All children, regardless of group assignment, take part in all assessments. Children randomized to the control group will not receive intervention but will complete all other research. Other treatments that all children in the ward receive are recorded with bi-monthly surveys.