What can marketers learn from Donald Trump

Learn geography, Mister President

Donald Trump exposes his country to ridicule with his daily tirades and trumpiads: The superpower is becoming an international laughing stock. His opponents have an easy game with him.

What should one think of a president who does not know his country and its borders - especially one who transgresses the limits of decency and good taste with unpleasant regularity? So how is Donald Trump, who thinks that Colorado is a US border state that needs to be fenced in with a wall, as he recently tried to convince his supporters at an election rally, to pursue world politics and receive Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Vladimir Putin and Bashar al- Show Assad the limits?

With Donald Trump you don't know where you are for a long time: Is it satire when he tweets about his “incomparable wisdom”? That "China, Russia and Napoleon Bonaparte" should take care of the Kurds, who after all would not have helped the USA in Normandy in World War II. His opponents make do with irony. Hillary Clinton circulated a fictional letter from John F. Kennedy to Nikita Khrushchev that was teeming with Trumpiads. And Patrick Leahy, the Democratic Senator from Vermont, posted a map of the United States that ends at the Colorado borders and slams the state of New Mexico to its neighbor across the Rio Grande, Mexico.

With his daily parade of farce-like appearances, the US President makes his country exactly the laughing stock he peddled during the election campaign when he portrayed a nation that all the world is just taking advantage of. Putin, Erdogan & Co. have an easy game with a man who only knows how to roar, but not how to bite. The fact that the Turkish head of state crumpled Trump's letter into the garbage can, that of all things the North Korean regime rubbed Trump's mouth with honey, is an indication of how far the superpower under Twitter King Trump has come.

No US president has ever been driven by so much narcissism, resentment, revenge and ignorance. Anything that doesn't fit on a cheat sheet in capital letters is beyond his intellectual abilities. One would like to shout out to Donald Trump - based on a legendary saying by Bruno Kreisky: Learn history, learn geography, Mister President! But for that it is probably long too late for a 73-year-old who, grotesquely overestimating himself, considers himself a “stable genius” - and who does not mean that self-deprecatingly.