How can we lead a better life

Live better! 20 tips that will immediately make your everyday life more beautiful

Often the little things are enough to make our everyday life more beautiful and thus to be able to live better. Here I have put together 20 tips for you to fall asleep more relaxed, work more productively and lead a better life.

Usually I tend to focus on the big issues. I write about the fact that it is possible to be happy, how you can change your life, which wisdoms you should know and about the power of thoughts.

But you don't always have to start big. We can also achieve a lot with little things. There are so many small adjustments that we can make in order to be able to live better, e.g. by ourselves Arrange everyday life in such a way that we derive joy from it.

I just realized that last week. Because I've discovered something new. Something that makes it easier for me to fall asleep and makes everyday life so much nicer (see tip 2).

And these tiny changes are often enough to push your well-being and give you new energy.

That's why I would now like to give you 20 tips that will help me to live better every day.

Here we go….

20 tips to be able to live better in everyday life

1. Put fresh flowers in your room

It is not for nothing that this point also made it into my luck challenge. Flowers are not just pretty to look at. They smell, they have an energetic or calming effect on you with their colors and make everyone shine who takes the time to look at them.

So simple and yet so beautiful ...

2. Hear waves making you fall asleep

Usually we go to bed, turn off the lights, turn on our side and try to sleep. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Do you know what makes the whole process so much nicer?

Get wave noises, whale songs, birds chirping or what do I know to fall asleep.

I discovered the sound of waves because they take me back to my Thailand vacation, when I slept in a hut right by the sea. You can't do that here in Berlin. At least that's what I thought so far.

Now I know better and every night I fall asleep imagining myself lying in a hammock by the ocean.

Oh ... heavenly. And sleep comes by itself.

3. Go for a walk

Doing a lap around the block has been shown to help you digest your food better, clear your head, blow your lungs, recharge your batteries and get some vitamin D.

Also, you see something different, feel something different, do something different, and hear something different.

A little reboot for your body and you. That's why walking is one of the positive habits that make you happy.

4. Meet friends during the week too

We always have this concept of what our everyday life should look like and during the week we only work.

But why actually? You can easily meet a good friend for 1-2 hours after work and still get to bed on time.

Every day it would be too exhausting for me personally, but once a week ... it reminds us that life consists of more than work.

5. Have something special for breakfast on the weekend

Are you one of those people who eat the same bread on the weekend as during the week?

How so? It is weekend?

Treat yourself to something!

Do it differently. Make it special.

My husband brought me closer to the scrambled eggs (maybe that's why he's my husband today? ...). Since we have been together, we have had extensive and enjoyable breakfast in bed on Saturdays and Sundays.

6. Make yourself warm

Freezing is disgusting. I hate to be cold. My comfort then drops by what feels like 95% and I just can't feel good anymore.

The good news is this: there are ways and means for us to get frostbite. We just have to take advantage of it.

What that means? When you have cold feet make yourself a hot water bottle. It also fits under your desk when working or in your bed at night.

After a frozen day jump into the bathtub. There are pocket warmers for on the go. The right clothing goes without saying, of course.

7. Make unpleasant things easier with your favorite music

When I have to clean, it's really only possible with music. I turn it up loud so I can sing along and move the cleaning rag to the beat.

Many other unloved activities are also much easier for me to do with my favorite music. So why torment when you can sing too?

8. Wake yourself up with a PLEASANT alarm tone

Never again Brrr and ring and what a horrible ring I know. It's sooo much nicer.

Browse through the options and find the most pleasant alarm tone you can find. Or even better: get your favorite song, download it and wake up to the most beautiful sounds you can imagine.

Live better 2.0 would be to abolish the alarm clock entirely ...

9. Set up your workplace comfortably

We spend most of the day at work; be it the office, your notebook or your delivery vehicle. If you spend so much time there, make it as nice as possible for yourself.

Put up personal photos, get flowers (see point 1), ergonomic keyboards, motivational posters, decorations, etc.

10. Turn off notifications

There's really no reason why you should be receiving any notifications at all.

If you have to check emails, you can do that without an annoying noise popping up every time you receive something new. Neither do you have to be notified that you have a new message on Facebook or that Tanja has played the quiz duel and it is your turn.

Every beep, every red number at the edge of your field of vision only creates stress.

Away with it.

11. Get noise-blocking headphones

These headphones are a great idea if you work in an open plan office or are otherwise constantly exposed to a lot of noise. Put it on once and you have your peace of mind.

And not just acoustically, but often in front of annoying colleagues who bother you less.

12. Glue a starry sky over the bed

As a child I had such a starry sky over the bed and I thought it was great. And recently a friend of mine received a starry lamp as a present. When switched on, it projects small, glittering stars into your room.

Especially not a bad idea for all romantics and city dwellers to be able to live better, right?

13. Write your to-do list for tomorrow today

A tip that really makes life easier and, for me, the perfect end to work. So I don't have to waste any more thought and can always start working right away in the morning.

14. NEVER check your emails in the morning and / or in the evening

Honest! Checking your emails first thing in the morning really slows you down. Then you deal with the problems of others, react to 10,000 trouble spots (which might have settled themselves in the course of the day) and completely lose focus on what is most important to you.

And checking emails in the evening can just spoil your mood.

It is best to judge yourself set times when you check your mailbox. It remains closed at all other times.

15. Come to rest

At least once a day you should in some way find yourself. It doesn't really matter whether you achieve this by meditating, painting or building model trains.

The main thing is that you can turn off the world for a few minutes and calm your thoughts. This gives you new strength and energy.

16. Write a diary

You don't have to write half a novel every day or report in detail what happened on your day. But yours every day Putting thoughts, ideas, worries, and fears together in a few lines can be extremely beneficial. This way you can get the thoughts out of your head so that they don't have to burden you further.

Important flashes of thought are not forgotten and you may only become aware of some things through writing. Afterwards, the notes will also help you understand yourself better.

17. Get a morning ritual

A morning ritual doesn't just help you wake up. Above all, it ensures that you have a good start in the day has. Instead of quickly dumping a cup of coffee on the way out the front door, get up half an hour earlier and look for a suitable ritual.

How about a hot cup of tea (or iced tea in summer), followed by a little workout, a stretching routine or a meditation session? Maybe you always go for a walk with the dog before there is an extensive breakfast with a newspaper?

18. Get yourself an after-work ritual

Just like a morning ritual, you can also think of an after-work ritual. This makes it easier to finish your work and with to start the evening with a clear head.

Maybe you want to check off your to-do list for the day and write it down for tomorrow? Maybe from now on you will always hear your favorite song while you shut down your PC? Maybe you stretch for 5 minutes or do a lap around the block before heading home?

19. Put a water bottle within easy reach

Drinking water is often forgotten. But we need water to be able to live better, namely to be fit, healthy and productive. If you don't drink enough, you risk tiredness, headaches and dry skin.

So make it as easy as possible for yourself and always keep a full water bottle within reach.

20. Air regularly

If, like me, you sit in a closed room at your PC all day, be sure to open the window as often as possible in between.

Let air in, let in light, let in life!

If I'm stuck, I like to stand briefly at the window and take several deep breaths. This gives you new energy in no time at all.

Perhaps some of these better living tips don't work for you. This is not a problem. Try them out and let them stay again if they don't do you any good.

Over the years we try a lot and not everything works for us. New people bring new habits with them. We take care of some of it. No other. And afterwards we can no longer imagine doing without some things.

Let's just help each other live better by sharing our best tips. So everyone can always try something new and then keep those things that are good for us and make life more beautiful.

So what tips do you have for a better life? What makes your everyday life more beautiful for you?