How do rich people think

Learn from rich people - and thus lay the foundation for prosperity

Most rich people think and live very differently than we do: those who have achieved prosperity approach life and challenges differently. However, some of these behaviors are not the result of wealth, but its foundation - whoever does not heed them will hardly become really rich.

1. You think of yourself first

Rich people have no problem thinking about themselves first and putting their own needs first. That way they move forward and can pursue their goals.

But that doesn't make them egoists: Many are socially committed and donate money for charitable purposes. But they also know that they can only help others if they make progress themselves - and therefore put this goal first for themselves. (Also Read: If You Make These Mistakes You Will Never Get Rich)

2. They value their money

Many people have an ambivalent relationship with money: They tell themselves, for example, that money is actually not that important, that it does not make you happy, or even that it spoils your character. Once they have money, the main thing they fear is that they might lose it again.

Rich people, on the other hand, gain freedom through their money: their wealth gives them security. They want to increase it and are not afraid that one day they might be poor. Rather, they see money as a tool to help them achieve their goals. This is what sets them apart from people who are worried about their money. This leaves your head free for creative ways to increase your money further.

3. You are not afraid of any challenge

Work every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and prefer to do it in a routine manner? This is not an option for really rich people: They prefer to approach new goals in their work and are prepared to sacrifice their free time for it.

They take into account that not everything they start will succeed - but they also know that they can get up again if they should fail. Therefore, they are ready to take well-calculated risks. No one likes to make mistakes, but rich people accept that they can happen. In such a case, they see failure as an opportunity to learn from.

4. You tackle problems

Some people feel disadvantaged by life - the tax system is unfair, the boss is unfair and everything seems stupid anyway. Rich people, on the other hand, do not let the circumstances get them down, but tackle them themselves when they see a problem.

They do not see themselves as a victim of the circumstances, but act - even when a situation seems almost hopeless. This is what makes them so successful, because they are always looking for a way - and most of the time they also discover it.

5. You buy yourself time

Can't buy time? To a certain extent - by outsourcing annoying tasks. Most rich people focus on what really matters to them. They give the rest to others who they pay for it. This includes, for example, tasks that require routine or those that are simply not fun.

Rich people do not devote themselves to such tasks, but let others do them. This gives them time to move their business forward and earn more money.

6. Not only do you save, you think about earning first

The equation is clear: if you want to build up a fortune, you have to save as much money as possible and invest it sensibly. However, few people make enough money to set aside a large amount each month. So they will probably get some wealth, but they will never get really rich.

Rich people save too - and they are quite disciplined at the same time. But they know that they can save money above all if they earn enough. That is why they initially focus on their income. Once you earn enough, let your money work for you. Most of the time, they also have several sources of income.

7. You know the difference between consumption and investment

Rich people know that there is a difference between consumer goods and investments. Consumer goods offer no lasting value - on the contrary: the new cell phone wears out, the new car loses considerably in value with the first kilometer that you cover.

Instead, wealthy people focus on investing: they don't buy things they don't really need. Instead, they only spend money on products that they can use for a long time - or even on something that increases in value over time.

8. You can treat others to something

If you have the feeling that you are missing something essential yourself, it is difficult to treat other people to something. However, wealthy people can recognize the successes of other people without envy - because they see themselves to a certain extent in them. They recognize these people as a role model to orientate themselves by and learn from.

9. They know their own worth

Wealthy people are convinced of their own worth and have no problem with presenting it to the outside world. They charge a reasonable fee for their work and do not feel that this might make other people less fond of them or consider them greedy for money.

At the same time, they can be very humble and usually do not feel the need to flaunt luxury goods - but they also know that their own work is valuable. They are also masters at selling themselves and their offer because they are convinced of its value.