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Discuss Battle-heavy monk in the Dungeons & Dragons (D & D / D20 / AD & D) Forum in the field of pen & paper role-playing games; I currently have a monk / fighter (8/2). (We're playing 3.5) So far I have kept the monk very combative, which includes skills such as prancing attack, whirlwind attack and to

  1. 02/26/2008, 7:17 pm Fighting monk # 1

    Battle-heavy monk

    I currently have a monk / fighter (8/2). (We're playing 3.5) So far I have kept the monk very combative, which includes skills such as prancing attack, whirlwind attack and throwing to the ground (sword and fist3.0) and objects such as Sandals of the tiger jump (sword and fist 3.0) are concerned.
    The latter make the jumped assault attack particularly violent, which with the damn high rate of movement of my character (through objects and monks ...) is one of his greatest strengths.
    Now I am undecided, however: I would not be reluctant to take a Prestige class, but I do not find any that are combative and would be well suited for a monk. The sacred fist (believe and honor, 3.0 (use quite a lot from version 3.0 ;-)) has pretty strong abilities like we-mod, for example. to attack and damage in unarmed combat. But why take prestige just because you're keen on a skill?
    Do you have any suggestions or do you know of the corresponding prestige classes?

    Kind regards

  2. 02/27/2008, 6:20 pm Fighting monk # 2
    Well, in general, the Monk is actually covered quite well and gets along well without prestige classes. There is one every now and then, but a pure Monk is more than enough.

    Incidentally, as a DM, I would never allow 3.5 and 3.0 together, because this usually bypasses the balancing measures from 3.5. Definitely have a very tolerant DM

    Otherwise, in RPG you can actually do anything that you enjoy and that the DM approves.

    Dark Razor

  3. 02/27/2008, 6:57 pm Fighting monk # 3
    the drunken master iss net (that is, the one from book 3.5 of the war).
    Corresponds roughly to the principle of a barbarian - i.e. you sacrifice rk because of deductions - unfortunately also throws of will ^^ for increased strength and constitution, provisional weapons can ADDITIONALLY be credited to your unarmed damage and also become stronger with the current level. there are also many other bonuses and talent. oh yeah, in terms of style, the role-play is easier if you join the monk with a cup

  4. 02.03.2008, 13:51 Fighting monk # 4
    Thanks for the suggestions. The monk certainly has a large selection of skills and it can therefore of course really be considered to leave the char without a prestige class, unless there is still some interesting ...

    what I perhaps should have said is that I know the P. grades from the Book of War, the Book of the Arcane, the Book of Faith, Faith and Honor, Masters of the Wild, Spell Book and Dragon Blood and Sword and Fist. Therefore nat. even the drunken master. I think he's already interreant, but he doesn't quite match my ideas as a combat-related monk. Sorry about that (especially to Rodogar ;-))

    Does anyone know of other good prestige classes from, for example, the Complete Adventure or similar books? (I also know the sl manual by the way ...)

    Kind regards

  5. 02.03.2008, 3:41 PM Fighting monk # 5
    hmm im complete adv. there is nothing really interesting in prestige classes for the monk - certainly nothing accentuated ^^, but the new "ascetic" talents are nice - enable the monk to multiclass with (talent each night) ranger paladin sorcerer or villain and the subsequent weren advancement in the monk's coffers dan still gives one or the other nice advantage that eg both classes to determine the unarmed damage or the armament class (also according to the choice of the combination).

    ma ne reparation after the rivet drunken master ^^

  6. 02.03.2008, 15:59 Fighting monk # 6
    What does reparation mean? But my mistake ;-)

  7. 02.03.2008, 5:41 PM Fighting monk # 7
    njoa was already but on sundays understanding relationships was never my strength ^^

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