Who is better Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise

Series of premieres : First Tom Hanks, then Tom Cruise

Unfortunately, you have to reckon with that nowadays: no matter how hair-raising film material is, reality overtakes it. On December 16, 2012, the thriller "Jack Reacher" with Tom Cruise in the title role was due to hit US cinemas. He plays a former military policeman who wants to save a comrade from the Iraq war from the death penalty. As a sniper he had wrongly shot several people, the crime had been covered up. Now he is said to have shot five people again as a "sniper" - also the title of the novel by Lee Child - the evidence seems to speak against him. Reacher has to answer and exposes everything as a plot. The real bad guys: Members of a gang of Russians.

A classic Hollywood thriller, the story rather standard, but all too realistic: Two days before the start, 27 people were shot in a school massacre in Newton, Connecticut, before the perpetrator killed himself. Out of piety, the film release was postponed by five days, after all.

The success of the new film character Jack Reacher did not affect that, the film grossed more than 200 million dollars - a sequel was a must from a producer's point of view. And in order to inspire the success of the sequel, the main participants are sent on a world tour as usual, with a stopover in Berlin. “Jack Reacher: No Way Back” will not be in German cinemas until November 10th, but on October 21st Tom Cruise, who knows the city quite well, from previous premieres and at the Sony Center, will stop by the Sony Center for the German premiere especially from the 2007 shooting of "Operation Walküre - The Stauffenberg Assassination". He will be accompanied by the tried and tested action director Edward Zwick, who has not yet had any experience with Jack Reacher, but has already had some experience with Tom Cruise, as well as the actress Cobie Smulder, known from "How I Met Your Mother" and the newcomer Danika Yarosh. The novel is again by Lee Child, fortunately does not contain a massacre, but again Reacher has to rescue a former comrade who is charged with treason. And sees herself confronted with two allegations, allegedly having a murder on her conscience, and a woman claims that her daughter came from him. Of course something is wrong.

The star supply on the red carpet is secured again, but you don't have to worry about that in Berlin anyway. This week it started on Tuesday, with “Our time is now”, even a world premiere, with celebrities like Til Schweiger, Peri Baumeister, panda singer Cro and even Howard Carpendale. “Frantz” followed on Wednesday evening at the Delphi. The title character is a young German who died in World War I, at whose grave a young Frenchman suddenly appears and lays down flowers, which confuses the dead man's former fiancé and the entire small town - the new film by François Ozon, which stars Paula Beer , Pierre Niney, Ernst Stötzner, Marie Gruber and Johann von Bülow arrived.

Need more premieres? On October 5th, the comedy "Affenkönig" by director Oliver Rihs will be celebrated in the cinema in the Kulturbrauerei, who brings along a whole range of actors, including Oliver Korittke. One day later it is the turn of director Piotr J. Lewandowski's “Jonathan” at the same location, and he too brings actors along, including Barbara Auer. On October 12th, the documentary film “How Berlin Get The Blues” about the Berlin-based musician EB Davis will be on in Babylon on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, who will then give a concert with his superband. On the same evening in the Kant cinema: Dani Levy's “The World of the Wunderlichs”.

And of course - Tom rarely comes alone - you can look forward to Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, Omar Sy, director Ron Howard and novelist Dan Brown when the red carpet for "Inferno" rolls out on October 10th at the Sony Center becomes.

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