What is more important, priorities or money

Financial priorities of Germans for 2021

Investments should come more into focus

Despite all pandemic concerns: Many Germans want to shape their own financial future in 2021 - and have different strategies for this. While around one in five respondents (20 percent) would like to save money in their savings book, 18 percent stated that they would like to take out a fund or securities savings plan and thus want to invest money regularly. Another 15 percent of those surveyed plan to invest money in the stock market in the new year. And 14 percent are interested in sustainable investments and not only want to increase their money, but also do something good with it at the same time. Financial expert Matthias Schulz explains why it is all the more important in these times not to park the money in overnight money accounts or savings books, but to let it work for you: "In view of the unprecedented monetary and fiscal policy measures as a reaction to Covid-19 is to be expected that the low interest rate environment will prevail for much longer than many expect. If inflation then eats up the barely existing interest income, the real interest rate becomes negative. This makes the supposed security of savings so deceptive and the Germans save themselves in the long run poor instead of a fortune build up. "

And so Matthias Schulz is convinced: "Anyone who wants to increase their savings will not be able to avoid relying on the power of the capital market in the long term." All the more gratifying is the promising interest shown by Germans in sustainable investments, because unlike savings books, these investment solutions can help shape a sustainable future. Savings plans that enable regular investments with small contributions are also a good solution. "Perhaps the somewhat calmer end of the year this year is a good opportunity to deal with your own finances and plan your financial future," said Schulz 'appeal. Flexible mixed funds with an income component, for example, are particularly suitable for newcomers. They spread the invested capital widely across asset classes and regions and prove what the fund has "earned" with regular distributions.