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10 km runs popular distance

10 km runs popular competition distance: Why exactly the 10 km? For some, the goal is to complete the 10 kilometers, for others it is just a stopover on the way to a first half marathon or marathon. For many runners, the 10 km runs are the first line of preparation for a competition.

10 km runs - the agony of choice

Many marathon and half marathon organizers also offer the 10 km distance. In February 2017, there were over 3,000 10 km runs on the large running calendar:

  • 110 10 km runs in Switzerland
  • 150 10 km runs in Austria
  • 2870 10 km races in Germany

10 km runs for beginners

10 km runs are very suitable for beginners. If you can jog for an hour at a time, your next goal could be a 10k run. The increase in performance with regular training is relatively large. This is probably your first encounter with a competitive training plan and you are working towards that goal. Setting a new best time over this distance motivates and leads most runners to the next target level: taking part in a half marathon.

Participating in a 10 km run gives you the certainty that you will be able to perform well on this day and get a taste of competition. It brings you confidence in dealing with the time before, during and after the competition.

Prepare for a 10k run

In 10K runs, you will be running most of the aerobic range, which means that your body is still getting enough oxygen. Then towards the end of the run it gets tougher as you slowly get into the anaerobic area. It is important that you tackle the run in a realistic km time. The better you can divide the 10 kilometers, the more motivated you will be on the way. If you start too quickly and lose most of your energy reserves in the first half, you will have to bite badly at the end.

10 km runs in half marathon or marathon preparation

If you think that 10 km runs are only for beginners and runners who can run as far as possible, you are very wrong: For many, participating in a 10 km run is part of preparing for a half marathon or a competition Marathon.

The 10 km distances are run as intensive training or as a test run. The competitive situation means that you are closer to your limit than a similar training session would challenge. In addition, the running times can be used more or less as an intermediate determination on the way to the half marathon or marathon goal. One speaks of the underdistance run.

If the 10 km run takes place under similar conditions as the longer competition distance, a time comparison can show how well you are doing with the training. The half marathon and marathon training plans have such a 10 km run in between. You feed the training plan calculator with the data and receive an adapted training plan that you can print out.

Would you like to tackle a 10 km run?

If you have been running regularly for a few months, you can set this goal for yourself and tackle the training preparation. With three training units a week you are there.

At Lauftipps.ch you can use a comparison time or a test run to generate and print out a training plan tailored to your performance. Over 25,000 Flex10 training plans were generated in the past year.

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