Are pulsars related to quasars

Quasars and pulsars

A lot of dubious objects haunt the area in space. Some of them are particularly bizarre.


Quasars or quasistellar radio sources are mostly located in the middle of galaxies. There is a “black hole” there. Gases are made to glow in its surroundings. In general, however, a quasar is used to describe all interstellar objects that are characterized by extremely strong luminosity on optical recordings.

There were more quasars at the beginning of the universe than there are today, because back then most galaxies were still in their early stages. They emerged from interstellar gases and nebulas. Today the number of quasars is declining. One suspects aAlso a “black hole” inside our Milky Way. However, in the opinion of many experts, there are not enough gases here that could produce a quasar.


Pulsars are another astronomical phenomenon. They are rapidly rotating neutron stars. These in turn were created by supernovae. When a massive star collapses, a huge explosion occurs. What remains is a neutron star. Pulsars send out flashes of light or X-ray flashes at regular intervals. Astronomy keeps supplying us with new discoveries and space is full of unusual objects.