Does the recoil have an impact on the accuracy?

Contribution from handyman ┬╗Mon 28 May 2012, 6:12 pm

gizl wrote:I am concerned with the following question to which I unfortunately could not find an answer

How does recoil affect accuracy when aiming?

or does this question only arise with self-loaders?

In principle, only by mucking if the caliber is too big for the shooter. For fear of recoil, the rifle is torn when the trigger is pulled, before the projectile leaves the barrel.
As long as it is in the barrel, there is still no recoil, because the force of the powder gases acts equally high on the floor of the bullet and on the butt of the breech, canceling each other out, so to speak.
Only when the bullet leaves the barrel does the recoil set in due to the speed and the amount of gases.
The weight of the bullet plays no role either, but the weight of the weapon does. The lighter the weapon, the less perseverance it has. It is well known that a heavy body can only be moved by using more force than a light object.
As for the retraction in the shoulder, the more the recoil is perceived the more firmly you press the weapon. Because if it is pulled in too hard, the recoil has an immediate and direct effect on the shoulder. Practically no energy can be dissipated through a partial backward movement of the weapon, even if it is minimal through correct retraction.