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Share Netflix, Spotify & Co. with others: This is allowed

Share streaming account
Screenshot: Netflix, graphics / montage: There are now a variety of streaming services: Whether Bundesliga and sporting events, the latest films and series or access to the extensive music program - there is something for almost everyone. If you want to be always up to date, you need more than just a streaming subscription and that can quickly become expensive. To reduce the costs for this, it makes sense to share the paid subscription with friends or family. But do Amazon, Netflix, Spotify and Co allow this?

The sharing of a personal account usually contradicts the general terms and conditions of use of the streaming provider. Access can often be set up on multiple devices, even if the content can only be accessed on one device at the same time. Parallel use is not possible. However, some users circumvent this by downloading the content beforehand and then playing it back offline. If the provider notices this, the user account can quickly be blocked.

Share streaming service with the family subscription

For many services, parallel use on several devices is permitted - usually with a monthly surcharge. These subscriptions are often marketed as Family subscription. These subscriptions are more expensive than the basic subscription, but mathematically this often enables savings for two or more people. The practical thing about this form of subscription, in addition to saving money, is that each user receives their own profile and can maintain their own lists and also receives suggestions for music, films or series from the respective service that have been selected according to user preferences.

The crux of a family subscription is the definition of the streaming service, who belongs to the "family". For example, do the parents or siblings of the account holder who live in different cities belong to the "family" according to the terms and conditions of the streaming services?

Subscription models & definitions from Amazon Prime, Netflix and Youtube Premium

Share streaming account
Screenshot: Netflix, graphics / assembly: The online mail order company Amazon does not offer a family subscription for its video service Prime Video. Therefore, sharing subscriptions is prohibited here. However, members of the same household can use the fast delivery of Amazon orders.

With the popular video streaming service Netflix, there are two additional subscriptions for 2 or 4 users in addition to the "single membership". According to the terms of use in the same household live, otherwise the account may be blocked. So far, however, Netflix has not really made an impact by blocking the account for "cross-household use".

Youtube Premium, the so far lesser known paid video portal from Google, offers not only single membership (11.99 euros per month) but also a family subscription. With this, up to 6 people can share the monthly costs of around 18 euros. According to the "Requirements for family members", however, the family subscription can only be used by people who same address to have.

Share sports broadcasts with friends on Sky and DAZN

Especially for fans of the Bundesliga, the question often arises: Do we want to share a Sky subscription? Probably the best-known provider for linear pay-TV is not a classic streaming provider, but Sky only offers the possibility of using the pay-TV program away from the stationary Sky receiver. For broadcasting the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga, the DFB Cup, the Champions and Premier League, Sky charges a regular 39.99 euros per month. However, the basic fee can be reduced significantly in regular discount campaigns at the beginning of the subscription. In addition to live TV, Sky can also access the streaming portal via the Sky receiver, which, however, can only be used stationary. With the additional Sky Q service, up to four people in the same household can share an account. However, Sky dictates that sharing only within the household is possible and in the event of a violation, strict action will be taken against the user. And finally, with SkyGo, mobile use of the Sky content is possible. However, SkyGo may only be used by one person on a maximum of four devices (PC or mobile phone). Account sharing is not permitted.

Even with the Sky Ticket, the monthly cancelable version of Sky, it is not possible to view the booked package at the same time.

The competitor for sporting events DAZN currently does not offer any family subscriptions. A user can currently use the offer on two devices for a monthly fee of EUR 11.99. The terms of use say exactly:

"You are entitled to use the DAZN service on a maximum of two (2) devices at the same time. In accordance with Section 8.1.2, you agree that your login data only concern you and may not be shared with other people."

Share streaming music with friends

The best-known music streaming services Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify are at eye level in the monthly basic fee for the "single subscription" around 10 euros. These providers also offer a family subscription for up to 6 people for around 15 euros per month.

The music streaming service from Apple may expressly be shared with others regardless of the living situation. In order to be able to use Apple Music with up to 5 people, the company from Cupertino stipulates that all users in the same Apple family are involved. Everyone needs an Apple device for this, and in addition to streaming music, iCloud storage and purchased apps can also be shared.

Deezer and Spotify require a shared residence to use the family subscription. If the providers have doubts about this, they end the subscription and block the user for future subscriptions. The Deezer Terms of Service state:

"Subscription to and use of the Deezer Family Service is limited to members of the same household residing at the same address. Therefore, DEEZER reserves the right, in its sole discretion and at any time, to request evidence from subscribers that this requirement is met has been."

To do this, the services use various detection measures that, according to the website of the Swedish service Spotify, are regularly updated. However, it is not known to what extent these strict regulations will be implemented.

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