What is B2B


Definition: B2B

The abbreviation B2B (B-to-B, short for: business to business) describes business relationships between companies and differentiates them from other business relationships such as the business relationship between companies and consumers (B2C: business to consumer). There are significant differences between B2B and B2C, especially in marketing and the right of withdrawal.

Marketing by business for business

In companies that offer capital goods, raw materials, office equipment and services for other companies, the marketing strategy must be geared towards ensuring that the purchase and investment decisions are not made by consumers, but by decision-makers in other companies.

The decision-makers very often judge according to different criteria than an end user. Brands and fashions usually play a lesser role in the purchase decision. Functionality, service and price, on the other hand, are usually rated higher. Factual information is therefore more important in B2B marketing than expensive advertising materials.

Especially with larger investments, B2B marketing takes place through personal approach. The new media are becoming more and more important in B2B marketing, but the influence of the new media in business-to-business transactions lags far behind the importance of social media in B2C.

Common measures in B2B marketing include

  • Presence at trade fairs
  • Advertisements in specialist newspapers
  • high quality giveaways and gifts
  • direct approach
  • Use of social media
Contractual agreements can also be used as a marketing measure. A customer in B2B business can be won effectively through long payment terms and discounts.

No right of withdrawal in B2B business

Certain legal regulations that are intended to protect the consumer when concluding a contract do not apply in B2B. In particular, there is no right of withdrawal. The business partners are obliged to adhere to the contracts. In the event of poor performance and poor delivery or non-performance, however, claims can be derived from the contract. As a rule, tight deadlines apply for this.


  • B2B (business to business) describes business relationships between companies.
  • In marketing in the B2B area, consumers and end users are not addressed, but the decision-makers in other companies.
  • The right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts concluded between two companies.