What makes a civil engineer?

Information in the field of construction.

Your career start: what does a civil engineer do?

If you want to get into the construction industry, there are various career paths available. A safe and popular choice is the civil engineer profession.

As a civil engineer, one deals with the planning, manufacture and operation of structures. The civil engineer job description includes conception, calculation, construction, organization and administration. There are various sub-areas, such as civil engineering, traffic route engineering or the water and environment department.

Perspectives for civil engineers.

As a construction manager, you usually already have professional experience as a civil engineer or construction technician and are responsible for monitoring and controlling a construction site or a specific area of ​​the construction site. The construction manager takes on responsible tasks by taking care of the proper implementation of construction work. The term "site management" can stand for the job of site manager of the client, i.e. the client, as well as the work of the contracted construction company, the contractor.


You can get started in the construction industry not only after graduation, but also with a completed apprenticeship.

  • As a construction technician, you play a key role in the awarding, planning and implementation of construction measures by spending a lot of time with construction drawings and calculations, but also helping out on site on the construction site.
  • As a surveyor, you are responsible for surveying terrain with technical and electronic measuring devices as well as evaluating the data collected.