What is the longest wooden bridge in the world

Essing wooden bridge

The unusual suspension bridge construction is one of the longest wooden bridges in Europe and spans the Main-Danube Canal.

In the course of the canal construction work, the existing crossing to the southern side of the valley was interrupted - a replacement crossing was needed. For Rhein-Main-Donau AG as the client, this represented a great challenge, as a bridge was to be built that, despite its almost 200 meters length, would fit in well with the unique landscape of the Altmühltal.

The client, authorities and the community finally decided in favor of the unusual bridge construction by the architect J. Dietrich. The new bridge construction is characterized by particular lightness and curved lines. After seven years of planning and development work and with the help of engineering and modern timber construction technology, the unusual bridge structure was realized.

Suspension bridges have a long tradition in this landscape. In Roman times, a large rope hanging
bridge over the Danube breakthrough at Weltenburg. But different than with such a completely in itself
The relatively stiff wooden structure of the Essingen Bridge must be flexible in its construction against breaking loads
secured from vibrations. Here, above all, there is the vibration excitation from the side wind
to dominate. The construction that was carried out was carried out in wind tunnel tests on the model

Derived from the age-old principle of the free-hanging rope bridge, a drawstring made of 9 board-layer
glued wooden beams over three pillars to the bridgeheads. 90% of the bridge loads are carried in the form of tensile forces via this tension band, which follows a cable line. This results in the extremely slim, only 65 cm high cross-section. Beams subject to bending over the same span of around 70 meters in the main span would have to be more than 6 times as high. The total length of the bridge is 193 meters, the clear width of the walkway is 3.20 meters. The construction is designed for a traffic load of 500 kg per m².