Swimming reduces human breasts

How swimming affects self-esteem

One of the many benefits of swimming is that you can achieve well-defined goals through perseverance and determination our self-esteem can increase enormously. Under Self esteem we understand the idea we have of our personal worth and quality. By Sport and the associated pursuit of happiness and fulfillment it can be strengthened significantly. Self-esteem also plays a very important role in relationships: Those who want to feel good in society have to be at peace with themselves.

How does swimming improve our self-esteem?

Moving with ease in an element as alien as water requires real skill. We can learn them and thereby also improve on a psychological level. As you swim, you also get used to being alone for long hours. During this time you concentrate fully on your own strength and ability. But even if achieving sporting goals gives you a nice extra kick: It would be wrong to base your personal motivation solely on results and extraordinary, completed achievements. There are several reasons for this.

How do you deal with other people's opinions?

The mistake many people make is bragging about their own athletic achievements with friends and family, seeking approval and believing that this will increase their motivation. Realistically speaking, the pursuit of visibility and appreciation of athletic performance has only negative consequences. If we do not achieve the goal or find new stimuli, we may feel a setback from a purely psychological point of view. We have to do sports for ourselvesnot to please, to impress or to win over others.

And what's the best way to gain confidence?

It may seem obvious, but it has to do with how we see ourselves through our own eyes. This very personal pleasure goes far beyond the judgment of others. In the case of swimming - although it is often an underestimated aspect - it is for example important to choose the "right" swimsuit. One that flatters us and puts a smile on our faces when we wear it. And if we then add the physical and aesthetic benefits If you include exercise in the water, it becomes clear that self-esteem must benefit from it.

How to get a triathlete's body

Of course, those who exercise regularly expect in some way to see physical improvements as well. Getting rid of that annoying stomach, getting firmer buttocks, or losing fat on your upper arms can improve your relationship with yourself and increase your self-esteem. The problem is that such changes are not short term results, but are built over the long term. When you're just starting out, this can be a little daunting.

But there is a solution for everything; it all depends on willpower. To increase this purely “aesthetic effect” even more, you can combine the three sports of running, cycling and swimming. A multisport strategy that offers many advantages: it reduces the risk of accidents (doing different sports, increases the recovery time between training units), increases motivation, promotes socialization and it makes us more beautiful and harmonious. The aesthetic type of triathlete is more balanced, with well-developed muscles, broad shoulders, good posture and a minimal percentage of fat.

Do you find yourself in this text? How does swimming increase your self-esteem? Tell us about your experiences.