Why is popcorn associated with movies

Make popcorn yourself: child's play and delicious!

How you can easily make the popular snack at home

Are you planning a movie night and you are missing something to nibble on apart from the big screen? Clearly: we need popcorn! As is well known, whether salty or sweet is a matter of dispute. In this article, we'll tell you how to get your popcorn like in the cinema - or maybe even better. Start the film!

How to best prepare popcorn

Many of us find it difficult to imagine a movie screening without the light snack. Popcorn has always been served in connection with entertaining experiences at fairs, in the theater and, ultimately, with movies on the big screen.

It has long outlasted the first silent films in the 19th century - the origins of puffed corn go back well over 5,000 years. But today we no longer have to light a cave fire to make popcorn. There are a number of ways to enjoy the snack without going to the cinema.

In order to be able to make the famous “pop” sound, you first need special puffed corn, because not every type of corn can be made into popcorn. Puffed corn has the special property of forming water vapor in the grains at high temperatures, which presses against the hard shell. When the shell finally pops open, the water vapor suddenly escapes. At the same time, the cornstarch also shoots out, which then hardens and transforms the original grains into our beloved popcorn.

Which maize variety is the right one?

So that you can really turn corn into popcorn, you have to use special puffed corn. You may have noticed before that popcorn can take many forms. This has to do with the type of maize that was used: "Butterfly" maize is one of the most widely used varieties. The result is the typically unevenly shaped popcorn.

If you like the sweet version with a chocolate or caramel coating, you probably know the "mushroom" corn, which pops up into round popcorn. "Jumbomais" is responsible for particularly large popcorn.

Popcorn corn only really gets going at high temperatures - that's why you need oil or fat with a high smoke point to prepare it. This means that the oil can be exposed to particularly high heat before smoke develops. For example, coconut fat, clarified butter or refined rapeseed oil are particularly suitable for making popcorn. You can find more information about the use of oil in our article.

Microwave popcorn

Preparing popcorn in the microwave is one of the quick solutions, but unfortunately you have to accept some losses in terms of taste. Ready mixes often contain artificial flavors and lots of sugar. That's why you'd better keep your fingers off the microwave and prepare popcorn in the saucepan. If you still have to improvise, simply heat the finished package in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and serve it in a bowl.

Alternatively, you can fill a heat-resistant container with popcorn and some oil and heat it for 2 minutes at 750 watts. Then you can add sugar and salt to your taste.

The tried and tested variant of making popcorn in a saucepan is also the simplest. All you need is a saucepan or deep pan with a lid, popcorn, and some vegetable oil. Preheat the stove and add enough oil to cover the bottom. Then add so many corn kernels that half of the bottom of the pot is covered with it. If you eat too many grains, the popcorn can burn quickly.

Then you cover the pot with a lid and increase the heat supply. If you place the lid slightly offset, the water vapor can escape and your popcorn won't burn as easily. As soon as the first grains pop up, you can take the pot off the stove.

The important thing is that you are always around while the corn turns into popcorn. Shake the pot gently every 5-8 seconds to avoid burning. Once all of the kernels have popped open, you can pour them into a bowl and serve.

Make salty popcorn yourself: Popcorn like in the cinema

Do you love it salty? Of course, after you've prepared the popcorn, all you can do is add salt and start nibbling. For salty popcorn like in the cinema, however, you add the corn kernels directly to the pot together with the salt. You can find detailed instructions here.

Caramelize sweet popcorn yourself in the pot

Real cinema popcorn is made by professional machines. But you don't have to wait for the next good movie to enjoy it again. There is a very simple trick you can use to make the perfect sweet popcorn at home: as soon as you heat it up, add the puffed corn kernels to the pot along with butter and sugar and mix everything together. This allows the sugar to caramelize on the popcorn. Kitchen Stories shows you how to prepare the sweet cinema popcorn.

Popcorn from the popcorn machine

True popcorn lovers have a popcorn machine at home. They are now available in many designs: As a mini version of a popcorn machine like in the cinema or as a pot-like device. This not only makes the preparation faster, it also looks professional. All you have to do is mix vegetable oil, popcorn and sugar or salt, put everything in the machine and look forward to the smell of freshly popped corn kernels - just like in the cinema!

Fancy popcorn ideas

Popcorn comes in many different variations. The more unusual, the better. Whether sweet or salty, colorful or with chocolate - there are no limits. Have you tried oreo popcorn?

You can even refine your salad with the airy snack. What could be nicer than crunchy mango with crispy popcorn?

These delicacies should not be missing at any party and are ready in a flash.

How do you prepare your popcorn at home? Do you like it classic best or do you like to try out unusual varieties? Let us know in the comments!

Published on October 10, 2018